The Starcke Center is here for you. The Center is located along the Guadalupe River in Central Texas.  Its online outreach is global, as we strive to help ignite the flame of Christ Consciousness in the World. It is through the daily living of this mystical state of Consciousness that our lives and our world will be healed and transformed. We are all One. There is only One Power in the Universe, God, i.e. Infinite, Intelligent, Vital, Consciousness.
We are a non-profit corporation dedicated to the advancement and application of mystical consciousness. We invite you all to join us in building bridges that burn down walls.
The Starcke Center follows in the traditions stated in this ancient creed.

old creed

This creed [click image for full size] was first found around 1050 A.D. and stored in a Cathar Church dedicated on a site in southern France where Mary Magdalene and her brother Lazarus resided and ministered in the 1st Century after they left Rome. It is long believed to be a statement of the Universal Church’s by Mary Magdalene and Lazarus as they understood the concept of “Church” after their experiences with Jesus and written long before Nicea in 325.

This Mystical Church has no rivals as it is non-competitive.
It is not self seeking, it seeks only to serve.
It knows no boundaries, for divisions are illusion.
It acknowledges all great teachers of all the ages who have shown the Truth of Love.
Those who participate, practice the Truth of Love to the best of their ability.
It seeks to be and by Being, enrich.
It recognizes that the way we are may be the way of those around us, because we are that way.
It recognizes that the whole universe is a being of which we are part.
This Church recognizes that the time has come to shift consciousness from separation to Oneness.
It does not proclaim itself with a loud voice, but in the subtle realms of Loving.
It salutes all those in the past who have blazoned the path of Love and Loving.
It admits no hierarchy for no one is greater than another.
It’s members shall know each other by their deeds, being, consciousness,
and by their eyes and no other outward sign save the fraternal embrace.
It has no reward to offer save that of the ineffable joy, harmony, abundance and peace of being and loving.
Each shall seek to advance the cause of understanding, living, loving and trusting the Divine Process,
doing good by stealth and teaching by example.
They shall hear and love their neighbor, their community and our planet.
They shall know no fear and feel no shame and their witness shall revail over all odds.
It has no secret, no initiation, save that of true understanding and practice of the power of Love and that,
if we want it to be so, the world will change, only if we change.

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