The Starckes

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Walter Starcke’s life was full of extraordinary accomplishments due to his driving inner spirit. Starcke sought, found, and shared the Truths that are held within most major religions. Starcke’s classic, It’s All God, is a fundamental study of Christ Consciousness from the roots of our Judeo-Christian tradition to current New Thought wrapped in the findings of Quantum Physics and timeless mysticism. Together the Starckes came into this life time to apply mystical consciousness to daily living. Through their work they shared these Truths with others. Eron Starcke is still sharing, writing, and conducting retreats.

Not only was he one of the past decades most inspired New Thought writers and speakers, he lived his own life as a practical mystic. His teachings were shared in several best selling books and volumes of daily messages. He was able to perceive higher levels of consciousness, interpret them, and convey the process to others so that their own lives would be transformed.

Together the Starckes not only realized the power of Higher Consciousness, they learned to make the shift from living with an outward focus on the objective world to a live from and as Source as it’s priority. For 31 years they shared daily meditations, business ventures, and the ups and downs of life we all know. The Starckes did not separate their spiritual study from their human life, as they totally knew their life as the out-picturing of their own consciousness. Although there were ups and downs, their life together became one of great Love and Joy. Before Starckes transition across the veil, they wrote The Star Keys together to share the tools to making this shift in consciousness and applying it in simple and clear ways to our lives here on Earth.

The Starcke Center carries on Starcke’s commitment to live this practical mysticism. The Center is dedicated to helping the process of applying Universal Truth to our daily life.

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