Gratitude & Giving Forth

Gratitude and Giving Forth

Far as long as I knew him, 31 years, Walter Starcke began each day with a conscious sense of gratitude. He said it was a kind of catharsis, a psychic bath that erased the residue of egotism that created the illusion of a separate life. He felt that being grateful was a creative spiritual act that not only fore gave all illusions, but set anew the positive flow of his daily life. As never before I realize the seeds of the Star Keys in his life process. I am Blessed and Grateful.

Being grateful takes its power from the Divine Truth embedded in both giving thanks and in feeling gratitude. Gratitude sets into forward motion up-lifting self-filling prophecies. As we now stand on the edge of the Age of the Gods, our Consciousness of being thankful must shift from an objective outlook to the conscious activity of creating as Source. As One we create from the fullness of our Being. Our daily lives are blessed because there is nothing outside of our Self. And nothing we cannot give.

Walter believed his “real blessing was that he knew, heart and soul that there is but one power and one presence in life, Divine Source, God.” Everyday of this glorious new cycle is a day of Thanksgiving!

If we begin each day with conscious gratitude, it electrifies our creative alignment with Source and becomes the manifestation of yet more to be grateful for. Like the First Star Key, “when we are grateful for their being One Power, we acknowledge our alignment with Divinity and become aware that It expresses Itself as omnipresence (everywhereness), omniscience (what ever knowledge I need at the moment) and omnipotence (the only energy in my life.)”

Starcke’s message to you is that Gratitude now becomes the Double Thread subjective experience of being Thankful for our Oneness with God and the activity of Giving forth of that Divine Consciousness of Love, Joy, and Harmony.

Live forward your life as blessings to all as Divinity in expression. Everyday is Thanks Giving! Rejoice each day as Starcke did with the beat of gratitude in his heart. The awareness of our thankfulenss combined with the energy of acknowledging our gratitude creates miracles. The more we perceive of all we have to be thankful for, the more is given. The flow of Divine Blessings are infinite and we are active participants.
Therefore, begin each day with the Double Thread activity of giving thanks and giving forth of all that you are Blessed with.

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