Realizing Conscious Being

Celebration of Life“Let the birthing of new thought in realized Consciousness be a focus with Yourself daily. Christ is the only Spiritual Idea with Being. It is reported in the 3rd Chapter of the Book of John that Jesus had a conversation with a ruling Pharisee, Nicodemus, in which Jesus said, “Marvel not that I said to thee, Ye must be born again”. The birth Jesus speaks of is not a physical birth, nor a birth of a person or new personality.
Jesus’ directive refers to thought.
Thought, which is integral with all Being, is often found fettered by human opinion, beliefs and judgments. Thought thus bound by human judgment fluctuates between doubt and fear causing the sense of discomforts, disease, jealousies, hatred and a legion of other problems in daily experience.
Centering in the realization of Yourself, your true Being, as Christ Consciousness releases thoughts bound by opinions to become wholesome things and experiences consistent with our true divine nature. “Thou are loosed of thine infirmity” is true to all Self-realized thought. Thought is free to commune with its divine Source and as we love Self supremely we can see “that all things, (or thoughts), work together for the Good” . “In past ages and much up to the present, the burden of humanity has been an accumulation of thoughts bound by judgments producing the ills of this world. Our Being does not need purification, nor does our thought. Being is always free and pure, yet thought, the formative energy in our experience, can be fettered and bound. While we are at this earth plane, it is up to us to consciously free thought through Self Realization, whereby our true Identity, our true Being is known and all unlike it, namely judgment, is dissolved by action of knowing Truth, in other words by the action of knowing our Being, that is, our Consciousness as Christ frees thought to know oneness with Source and act consistently with the nature of God.
Be careful not to become lost with so much emphasis on locating and communing with the Self, the Christ.
In reality, Christ is Omnipresence and always in conscious communion with Its infinite Self.
It’s All Christ Consciousness, either you Know or don’t Know.

“Simply put, the Mystic is One Who Knows.
Knows What ? Knows Truth.
Better said; It is the One Knowing in the Place here and now That you Are.
If you Know something True just say it.
It is not necessary to quote someone.”

That said, here’s a Jesus and Joey quote:

“Walter Starcke always taught, “to put first things first”. Jesus put this same instruction in other words: “where your treasure is, so will be your heart, …therefore, seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all theses (good) things shall follow”. Walter translates to “ seek the “Kingdom of God” means to abide in the Consciousness, or awareness of God’s Presence here and now”. Walter always identified his awareness of God with his true Self.”

Rev. Joey Gorka
Sedona, Arizona Starcke Center

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