On the Nature of God

There is only one infinite being, one person, since God is One and God is infinite. There is only one life appearing infinitely. When we realize that God is One, we never fear because we, too, are that One.

There is an invisible thread tying us together. That thread is the Christ consciousness that God is. God is within us because God is our consciousness and we need not look to anything outside of ourselves for God except to see the God in and as all that is.

The Key here is that the thread is a Double Thread. The miraculous spiral of our DNA mirrored in the Universe. As above so below.

This double thread is the harmonic balance between giving and receiving, between subjectively Knowing your Oneness and experiencing it, between sitting in the silence and creating in the infinite.

The biggest hurtle we have in our spiritual search is in coming to the realization that the flesh and the spirit are one, just different dimensions of the one presence. After that we fact a more subtitle and practical if not more difficult awareness.

It is wonderful to experience the impersonal nature of God, how that presence is universal and all-inclusive. However, the danger in accepting that as an absolute is that in doing so we can fall into the trap of believing that transcending or going beyond our humanity is a virtue. When individuality is left out, a sense of God’s presence is lost, because one can’t feel personal about the impersonal. As a result, the human being then finds himself or herself comfortless.

As humans, when we feel the presence of God, that God is with and even in us we are at peace and feel that we are loved. To be impersonal is to loose that feeling and that joy in life that can go with a personal sense of God. So what do we do?

When we feel personally incomplete, alone, and comfortless we can remind ourselves that in our search to experience ourselves as higher consciousness we have denied a personal sense of God that can be felt personally. When we do that we can once more go back to our earlier days when we had feelings for God personally as our father, our guide, our comforter, and we can allow ourselves to be personal. In other words, though the two sides, the impersonal divine and the personal human, are one we can think dualistically and return to the time when we were not aware of the impersonal God and thus find comfort in the personal once more.

Fear not, we do not have to always stay at the personal level. When we are not distressed or lonely we can experience the impersonal nature of our all-inclusive being, but when we feel a personal need we can revert to the experience of an “other” presence that is there for us. We are infinite and free to experience the individual or the infinite. All we need to do is to consciously recognize at what level we have tuned into and respond accordingly.

It is all God.

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