Gratitude is a State of Consciousness That Creates Miracles

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Walter Starcke felt blessed to know heart and soul that there is but “one power and one presence in life, Divine Source, God.” In this awareness we are infinitely blessed with both giving and receiving. Everyday is a glorious day of Thanksgiving! Gratitude is the key to this awareness, with it come miracles.

We urge you to begin each day with conscious gratitude to allow it to electrify our creative alignment with God Source and become the manifestation of yet more to be grateful for. Like the First Star Key, “when we are grateful for their being One Power, we acknowledge our alignment with Divinity and become aware that It expresses Itself as Omnipresence (everywhereness), Omniscience (what ever knowledge I need at the moment) and Omnipotence (the only energy in my life.)”


The Starcke Center’s message to you on this new dawning of Thanksgiving, is that Gratitude now becomes the Double Thread of subjective experience of being Thankful for our Oneness with God and the activity of giving forth of that Divine Consciousness of Love, Joy, and Harmony. In the giving forth of this Oneness, we create ever more Love & Joy & Harmony to spread around the world. Our lives are full of miracles.
Live forward your life as blessings to all as Divinity in expression. Everyday is Thanks Giving!

The Crown of Gratitude by Walter Starcke

There is only one true prayer. It is gratitude. At first we are grateful for the bounty of life that we have received, but after that we are grateful for a life that is lived by grace – beyond words and thoughts. After all else we are grateful for the presence of light, and finally for our being the presence of light.

Spiritual Christ Jesus wears the crown of light. That crown is the realization that nothing exists apart from the light. Darkness has no reality, no power. Light dispels the illusion of darkness. The ultimate gratitude is the recognition that I am the light. It cannot be otherwise because the light is omnipresent, everywhere, and where the light is there is no darkness. There is only one and I am that one. Being the one I am the light of the world, and my daily gratitude is not crowned until I experience the light that I am.

When I hear the words, “be not afraid,” it reminds me of the miracle – even in the flesh I am God. Be not afraid. Ten thousand will fall at the left and ten at the right, but it will not come nigh the living space of those who wear the crown of light.

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Be not afraid. My peace I give unto me. In the moment you think not the crown is placed on your head. In the silence I AM.

~Walter Starcke
We are all so Blessed. Love I give to you all, Eron Starcke

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