Our Dilemma

We are all on the right path… WS

In order to attain the freedom inherent in the mystical or metaphysical approach to life it is absolutely conditional that one arrives at the belief that behind all appearances there is divine order. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that everything is as we humanly want it to be, and that all the repetition and belief we have won’t make it so. WS

The Dilemma

There is a point on each personal journey where we figuratively or literally get down on our knees and pray. From the depths of our own soul we reach out to God for help to know who we are, where we are going, and how to get there.

So many aspects of our human consciousness can bring us to this search for clear guidance, in which we seek direct communication with what we perceive to be beyond our own humanity to guide us. Sometimes just plain daily life can overwhelm us, and we momentarily feel cut off from divine order. This is an interesting occurrence on the path when our view of God is no longer of a Supreme Being separate and apart from us. Who are we praying to now? Is there a larger “Plan?” Can we receive guidance? Will God help us? Will prayer help us?

Life plays out with twists and turns in a forest of thoughts, or a desert of imagined lack, or an ocean of rising fears. Sometimes the journey brings us to a place where we stand in a body that lives a life we do not understand, then we ask for understanding. We ask outside of ourselves because we perceive our own life to be small compared to the vastness of the Universe or the glory of how we envision God. It is in the asking that we receive. There are as many ways to receive guidance, as there are ways to ask. As many paths to direct communication, as there are seekers.

Yet why do we seek what is perceived to be outside ourselves? Only because we know our own limitations oh so well. We create them. We live them. Our humanity is wrapped tightly in beliefs of lack, bondage, fear, and separation from God. We know our own history; it’s the wrinkles in skin and the blood spilled from ties that bind. It sets our course and projects our beliefs into today. This is life, as we know it.

Along the path of that life we live in a body that we believe is our identity. Perhaps we delight in it, perhaps we rail against its fears, or try to cover up its wrinkles. All our thoughts conspire to create a reality of self. Our thoughts take on a life of their own.

Finally at some point, we wonder who walks in our shoes? Who thinks the thoughts? Who created this life and why? Is our human persona real or is there more? Can God reach ‘down” to us and transform our lives? Can we reach “up” to God to transform our lives? Questions have always lead us along a vibrational pathway of tingling Light – the path of evolving consciousness, of awakening.

If there seems to be a “reaching up or down” it is because the energy vibrations of consciousness flow in rhythm from lower and slower to higher and lighter. The Higher vibrational rhythms are moving in the frequency ranges of Love. When we are in lower vibrational patterns we seek the harmony of higher vibrational frequencies. This is part of the natural process.

We imagine a Heaven off in the clouds and we want in it. As Starcke pointed out, we are Homesick for Heaven. We want the voice of Divine Mind to guide us, transform us, and make all the crooked places straight. We want a scripted TV drama that ends well.

Even now as I sit in silence I would love a loud voice to just plain speak to me from across the veil. “Go this way, it’s easier, do this, then this, and all will unfold.” Alas, I don’t hear a loud voice or even a whisper. Am I homesick for Heaven? No Heaven is where I make my bed; wherever I go there I AM. I created the gap in communication by projecting outside myself.

I can tell you for certain, the gap is not real, it is my own misperception. We do receive direct guidance if only we open our eyes and ears and inner GPS system. If I remember Starcke’s instructions of “instant obedience”. I didn’t like it when he would hold that constant up in front of a misperception I was indulging in. It took years for me to learn that I could collapse the gap instant by instant. To be able to receive we must be open to another ever higher view. Or as the Course in Miracle would say, “We can choose to see with the eyes of God.” Perhaps I can’t “see” the future, but I can Trust the Process to move me toward ever more harmonious life patterns.

Recently I created too much mental work for myself trying to “figure-out” a future that isn’t even of course here yet. I felt over whelmed with mental clutter and emotionally alone. I had to get to that place where I let it all go and “take no thought for what comes next.” In doing so I let go of this world and its dimensional quality of “time.” Sitting in the silence of myself, in that place of my humanity, it helped to know that there is more than my limited thinking self, more than the consciousness that is too conditioned by history, habits, and emotions. There is a larger field of Consciousness, of Source Consciousness, God Consciousness, that I can open the doorways to receive its Infinite inflow.

Yes, I can ask that my humanity be flooded with my divinity. I can ask that the Mind that is in Christ Jesus be awake in me in this moment of here and now.

And is there guidance from a totally connected Universe – yes! Here’s an amazing thing that happened, I originally wrote this on retreat in AZ. I listened to only Starcke audiotapes and read his writings, no other media or this world news. As I sat in that place of my humanity reaching out and opening, as Walter would say “It” guided me to open at random a very old Word document from the early 90’s. I have saved on my computer all of Walter’s daily writings in their original unedited format. They are only marked by a month and day, sometimes a title, but not often. Not really searching, I opened a file, scrolled down, until these words literally jumped from the screen at me.

“Ask and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full,” John 16:24. “Ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you,” Mat. 7:7-8 and true but alone they can be mis-interpreted and mis-used.

The truth that combined purpose and action is in these scriptures, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall ask the father in my name, he will give it you.” John 16.22 and “If ye ask anything in my name I will do it,” John 14:14. These add the compliment. The name we are to ask from is the subjective Christ consciousness; the same consciousness that says to take no thought for the morrow in objective terms, to seek a subjective purpose is to ask in his name.

If we are made in the image of God then we as human beings living in Christ consciousness can and must ask, seek, and we will find. To deny that we can as a human being have any desires is to deny the divinity of our being and it is a rejection of the individual personal one.

Further instructions include the need to pray believing. “All things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, BELIEVING, ye shall receive,” Mat. 22.21 “All things are possible to him that believeth.” “What things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them” Mark 11:24
Then we are given the warnings of why failure may take place. “Ye lust and have not; ye kill and are jealous, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war; ye have not because ye ask not. Ye ask and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may spend it in your pleasure.” James 4:2-3 If what ye ask for is objective and without subjective purpose it will not manifest.

“In nothing, be anxious; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God.” Phil. 4:16 Anxiety implies the belief in a power apart from God or that one’s good can be withheld.

In other words the double thread approach is to include the compliments…to ask but to ask for the subjective purpose and to compliment those with an intent that is lifted into conviction.


After finding this little jewel, I noted an amazing “co-incidence.” This message was not dated, but the ones before and after were. Guess what? Yes, it seems to have been written originally on the same date, many, many years before! Christ Consciousness is TIMELESS! Guidance finds you wherever you are, when you are asking and listening.

What I needed to “hear,” was that I can ask and will receive according to how I ask and how I listen. As always it is best understood in Starcke’s Double Thread approach. First in terms of putting one’s subjective, that is formless spiritual intent, first. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Divine Consciousness. This aligns our asking and intent with Divine Order. Then open to receive, yet this opening is not passive. It is actively listening and moving with the flow of Natural Order. Nothing is going to “happen” if you are just sitting and waiting for “god” to do something. Just like nothing is going to move you unless you move yourself by removing any blocks you have personally created to your own divine process of unfoldment.
During the next few weeks whenever I felt myself drift into mental miscreations, I heard Walter say, “Instant Obedience.”
Instant Obedience to the sage instructions, “Take no thought for the morrow…”
Follow the step by step process, follow the tick tick tick of the guidance meter knowing you are not alone, not separate, totally connected. Say it over and over until it sings in your heart, “Arise and Shine the glory of the lord is risen upon you.” It is your own Consciousness rising up in vibrational patterns of ever-greater harmony. ”

“Instant Obedience” is instantly redirecting my own thoughts to the I AM that I Am rather than drifting down a path of imagined separation. I AM the Process; I AM the one who sees with the eyes of God, who hears beyond sentence, but not beyond the Word. The Word is the vibration, the tone, the OM of the Universe singing.

But can we really take “No Thought” for tomorrow? That does not mean you do not create the Thought, the Word, the intentional creative direction of your life. You set the tone subjectively; your consciousness creates your life. The “secret” is not projecting objective creations; it is in having the Mind of Christ Jesus, creating subjectively. The Key is that the more your consciousness is aligned with higher vibrational patterns the more harmonious opportunities your own Divine Process has to offer. It’s like a huge puzzle of quantum possibilities. Trust the Process, directions and opportunities are there even if you cannot see any open doors. They will appear as you approach the threshold!

And listen to everything, everyone – It’s All God. I guarantee the Universe is listening to you. Are you listening to the tones, to the harmonies or disharmonies vibrating in the moment? The Voice of pure guidance whispers all around you, believe me the Universe conspires to give us every answer and every “next step.”

No matter how many times you have to redirect your thoughts back to your Oneness with Infinite Source, it’s OK. There is no one judging you or counting your “missteps.” Actually as Starcke would say, there really aren’t any missteps; they are all a part of your path. The Key is to not be used by them, but to use them as stepping-stones to higher vibrational wavelengths of harmony, joy, and Love.

Use everything, but be used by nothing. WS

The interesting part of the journey the last month is that the process of redirecting my own creative life thoughts is easier than it used to be, yet still necessary. I know full well who I am and that there is nothing I Am not One with, yet at moments I feel unconnected. We all can, but it’s only, as some would say an “illusion.” Well that illusion can sure feel real. Most all of us have been in that place where the “illusion” of a reality separate and apart from our Divinity seems to conspire against us or at least hold us in it’s “solid” grasp. Over the last few weeks I have talked to many journeyers who have at moments, or days, or weeks wrestled with this situation and at those times need what seems to be “outside” help to lose their thoughts from the world of effects. Sometimes the tornado does strike us down and we need help to get out of the rubble.

The Key is knowing that it’s All God. The reaching out of our humanity to it’s own Christ Mind is a state and stage of our awakening evolution of consciousness. We are not asking outside of ourselves but of Our Self, our own Oneness to focus through our humanity, to lift it’s vibrations higher into harmony. I can talk to myself, all aspects of myself. I ask, I receive.

And even though it doesn’t seem like it at times, there is Divine Order. Remember it’s an infinite “process.” Life is a multidimensional stream flowing toward the infinite freedom of Love and Harmony. On our current 3rd dimensional plane, sometimes it’s hard to see beyond the rubble, but there is always Light.

Another Starcke jewel:

Until the Christ state of consciousness has evolved in a person there is a period of confusion where the old habit of believing there was a life of their own persists and confusion replaces peace and joy.

Finally, after one has exhausted personal effort, a new humility takes over. That humility is the spirit of yes dear to the moment without either fearing or desiring a future time.

“I live but not I,” means that I live but not by my ego, not by my separate sense of self. I, the son of God, the product of Christ consciousness lives my life. I know without ceasing that the spirit of love is living me…not just living me but is me and to that I say YES DEAR.

Another amazing illustration occurred now that I am home and editing this article for the newsletter. I wanted to include an article of Walter’s on “Instant Obedience.” But where was it in all this vast array of material? Now opening to just the right message might happen once in a blue moon, ha, ha, but if in fact all this is true, I AM connected and one with ALL including the Starcke Spirit. Again I opened a random, dateless message doc., scrolling down maybe I’d “see” the words I asked for. OMG! There it was, right away, Instant Obedience. Yet the amazing connection was that after reading the message, I looked at the date, it was May 31st, that was today’s date in this now as well. No time, no coincidence, only the asking and receiving of connections in Consciousness!

Another interesting fact is that Walter wrote this originally when he was also at a human point of asking and needing guidance.

Instant Obedience by Walter Starcke

When I read a recent article by John Price in the Quartus Report, it took me back many years to one of the most important turning points of my life. At that time I was wrestling with practicing the same principles John put forth, but it was hit and miss. Sometimes I could and at other times I unwittingly screwed up. In desperation I called on my higher divine consciousness for the reason and “it” said, “You haven’t learned instant obedience.” Instant obedience! What’s that?
This was the message I received at that time.

We are all “think-a-holics.” If we swallow the first negative thought and let it lead to another, on and on we go until we are drunk with our own thoughts, and the only thing we can do is to wait until we sober up.
To practice instant obedience is to stop the first negative or spiritually poisonous thought dead in its tracks and refuse to continue on that path with no excuses.

As I began to observe instant obedience, my life began to transform in amazing ways, but I still faced a major stumbling block. There seemed to be always some logic in the negative thoughts. Ha, but that’s how they trick us and sooner or later we have to deal with that logic.
The answer is for us to deal with it on our own terms, not it’s. By that I mean, when a negative thought comes to mind we can literally say, “Alright, I will get back to you, but not out of the current emotion or state of consciousness, etc. I will get back to you when I am centered and my spirit is in control.

Now, years passed and I finally realized that coming to this realization was the most important thing I had ever done. You see, our minds are wonderful instruments there for our use, but until we gain control of them instead of using our minds, we are used by them. When I learned instant obedience at last I controlled my mind and not it me.

Since that time nothing has taken me more than a day to get on top of it and most often not that long. When we can instantly obey the law of love from then on our lives are lived out of our higher consciousness, and that means out of the law of love.

And here’s a note from Rev. Joey Gorka and Rev Laurel Larson, who also have a connection at this time with Instant obedience.

Eron, here’s our meditation realization we spoke about in synchronicity yesterday.

In the Christian scriptures, John 4:34, Jesus the Christ said ” My food (substance and consciousness) is to do the will (the Presence) of Him (Truth) that sends me here”.

“With this In Realization today;
My obedience to Truth, or in other words, my Compliance with Truth is my Strength; this Compliance is all Power and is all Healing in every phase of Consciousness and ITS outward expression.

Simply realize all healing, all power, all, abundance, all strength is the Consciousness of the wholeness of Truth’s Omnipresence.

Loving Truth is Loving God.

Loving Truth first is Compliance with Truth and this is the first Star Key.

Loving the expressions of Truth’s Consciousness as healing, power, strength and abundance is the second Star Key.”

Rev. Laurel and Rev. Joey
Sedona, Arizona

Across the desk:

Dear Spiritual Family, we invite you to connect with us whenever you feel like reaching out to your larger Self. We invite you to ask any question, share any temporary situation, as we are all one body. The more we share our humanity the more we can help in opening doors of awareness for all. Pretty soon the paths ways of awakening awareness will be super highways lined by miracles!

I appreciate those of you who have reached out, as you have helped me on my path. Thank you.

The Starcke Center has a growing presence in Sedona, as Rev. Gorka and Larson have been asked to speak and share the Starcke messages on a more regular basis. We will also share these online.

Eron Howell-Starcke

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