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“…they that wait upon the LORD shall renew [their] strength; they shalleagle mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; [and] they shall walk, and not faint.”
Isaiah 40:31

Dear Spiritual Family,

Starcke loved to explore the roots of words we often use, and the translations of words found in the Bible, such as this important, often quoted one from Isaiah. Waiting is such a word. The interesting point here is that the actual literal translation of the Hebrew word “qavah” is “to bind together like a cord.” It has nothing to do with waiting.
Starcke would be quick to point out the Double Thread aspect of this meaning. It means to bind together in strength, as in to be One with Christ. Thus the meaning is that one’s strength comes from being One with Christ

This is the year of living one’s ascension consciousness. This fullness of living is an ever-active state of living the fully present Christ. Even as we are in the quiet of winter, we are called into active Being. Begin not this year in a passive state of “waiting,” rather an active state of being one with.
Waiting as a passive state of consciousness does not receive the full measure of Infinite abundant power or insight. Passive waiting creates a block in your own consciousness that says, “I’m not worthy; I have to be humble and wait on God to do things to me and in my life. I do not know myself.” Yes if one says that, they do not know themselves, nor do they Know God.
This form of waiting is hoping something will happen. Knowing is Divine action in our lives, as our lives. Why would we wait to Be all that we are meant to Be? Waiting is perhaps not the correct translation from the Hebrew. Hebrew text is a mystical experience of divine revelation meant to be explored with one’s own consciousness on many levels.

With the use of the word gavah, waiting on the Lord then becomes, “They that are bound together with the Lord as One cord, One double thread, Divine and Human, they shall raise up with wings of eagles.” This then is an active verb, one filled with listening, with aligning, with being One with the Lord rising up to our full measure.

Make this year, your year of rising up to your full measure! We are all One, we all join you, heart to heart, soul to soul on a mystical journey of wonder.

Starcke wrote that:
As long as we think of ourselves objectively as a body we cannot help but think that money, health, and possessions come to us. When we finally realize that we are not bodies, but that we are consciousness with bodies and that consciousness is the word that is made flesh, then we can understand how money, health, and possessions come from us rather than to us. They come from our consciousness and appear outwardly as the things we need and desire. If we lack supply it is because we have not released the consciousness within us that allows supply to appear for our use. Instead of using our consciousness, we are used by an old belief that we have to get possessions for the fulfillment of our needs. When we believe that our money comes from our pay checks we miss the point. Our consciousness has brought us to our job, and our pay therefore comes from our consciousness…
Today we walk a narrow line. Mystics have not told people to say or believe that they are God because it is so easy for us to confuse our divine inheritance with our egotistical sense of self. Now, though, through double-thinking we can be very aware of our given name, our personal physical egotistical selves, and at the same time be aware that when we are living from our higher consciousness, when we are anointed, we are all that God is. We get further by aiming at the absolute God-self than we would if we denied it, but we must simultaneously realize that while in material sense we are not at the God level.”
The Journey into 2015
The conscious awareness that I AM living fully as my Divine Self is electrified as the process of living Christ’s mystical consciousness is charged with new energies for 2015. When I first wrote the message below, I was asking myself if I could choose differently in 2015 as I thought about the things I wanted to change. It was written in the state of being of “could have done, but didn’t and could I change?” Then a few days later in meditation, I realized what I had done. I had trapped myself in old energies of thought. This is exactly what we have to watch out for in 2015 to be able to live our ascension consciousness. So with a huge twist of perspective, could have been becomes the living I Am. It’s a small thing that makes a big difference.

Thus rewritten the message reads:
As we all begin a renewed journey, winter’s inner turning offers us the opportunity to go within, reflect, and listen deeply to a question we must ask,
“Could I have done things differently?”
Well yes, each day offers a new opportunity to be more of all that I AM.
It’s not a matter of being “held-up” in a state of “could have done”, rather of living forth That That I am.
I am being more loving, because I Am more loving in every action of life.
I close my doors to the world’s fears and disharmonies, and open my heart to greater compassion for those who do not yet know the way out.
I am a brighter beacon of this global Love & Compassion.
I Am Love in expression.
I chose to see with the eyes of God all, all, everyone, every thing, every situation, every minute. It’s all God, not just what I choose to see in divine Light.

For all situations are for learning and helping to awaken humanity into the realization of their Oneness with Divine Self. I know the pathway does not have to be hard, painful, or fearful, this realization I share with more of my own joy.

As I begin down the wintery path of deep listening, Walter’s words echo from the past, or maybe Starcke is whispering from across the veil to remind me, “re-mind me.”
Walter would “remind” me at times when I was, well let us say wondering on bumpy path, “Be spiritual even in the little daily things.” He would try to get me to not stress over the large things I could not control by focusing on actually living with Christ awareness in the small daily things. He always had complete trust that all things would work out in the best spiritual way. On the daily small thoughts he had radar eyes and ears that heard the consciousness behind the words.

Sometimes I admit it would fly all over me when he’d say I wasn’t being “spiritual” about living the small things or the inner thoughts behind the daily actions. Yet as time moved the journey along, I came to understand with the help of the Course in Miracles, what he meant. It was all about consciousness and out of which state of consciousness I chose to live. He knew we were here to live our highest awareness of Christ consciousness in even ordinary daily affairs.
If we practiced this, then the larger picture would shift into alignment. He would call this being “instantly obedient” to realigning ones consciousness with Source whenever necessary. The thing is you have to be “conscious” enough to know you need to realign and what that realignment is like in the world of form. Obviously it took me awhile to be conscious enough to both observe my humanity and be able to choose to live from a higher state of consciousness.
And I’m still working at it. I remember it was like living on a razors edge trying to be “mindful” of every little thing I did all day long. Living with a modern mystic wasn’t always easy. We lived in a Mystery School, The Guadalupe River Ranch, and our lives were lived by the string rebirthing pains of living consciousness. Walter was the critical Zen Master always there to point out when I got off the narrow line. He signed up for that job long ago and he did it well. Now don’t think Walter was living his Christ Self every minute either; far from it at times. However he knew his humanity was pushing his mystical consciousness into Being, and mine. His whole life journey was about reconciling his humanity with his divinity and binding them together as One. One could sit in meditation and be One with Source, but to live it in form was why we are here at this time.

Like many of you, it took many years before I really began to understand that our state of consciousness precedes our thoughts and actions. When I really did make the shift in awareness my life certainly became far less stressful and much more joyous, and the larger circle of my life flowed much more smoothly. Daily life is the playground of consciousness, the field of high-energy activity that allows for the greatest opportunity for change within the whole that is our Oneness.

The path is like walking on the untouched snow, full of the mystery of unknowing what we think and experiencing the silent knowing of the mystic.

To be faithful in the small things of daily life, Walter meant that when we can live with our priority being the living of our highest awareness at that moment, we are being true to our Christ Self as it is realized in our present state of consciousness.
Thus in being aligned in the daily “little things” of life the steps of progression are in alignment with Divine Source. He knew that “the spirit in which we do something” was the driving force of what manifested in the daily situations of our lives. We manifest whatever that spirit is on a scale of vibrations from fear to Love. When that spirit is ever aligned with Divine Source, with our Christ Consciousness, the daily events that manifest as our lives then express more harmony. Because all our thoughts manifest to some degree or another, when we are living primarily from this perspective, we can correct in consciousness blips in thought before they manifest into major problems.
Remember you can’t solve a problem on the level of the problem. It has to be recognized in consciousness and changed there to a higher degree of awareness. You can’t really think yourself into this state of Being, you have to experience it.

I am reminded of this long process because 2015 has started off with a series of crazy events that got my stress level rocketing. Thing is, I can’t blame any outside force, at least for my own creations and reactions. Several near problems popped up in a row, which gave me pause to wonder why. I knew I had to let them go before they were problems and realign the consciousness that was manifesting.
Then one more blip woke me up on the coldest day so far this winter – no electricity, no heat, darkness. Fortunately one old fashion push button phone worked without electricity and I could call in the outage. The fire stove, was stoked up to roaring, water for coffee heated on top, and all was well. I let go of a wave or two off stress and enjoyed camping in the house. The electric company showed up later in the morning in full force. The cool thing is that joyously going out talking to them, they discovered the house was pulling more usage than the old transformer could handle, so in went a new bigger one. I had to laugh at myself, since I had had the thought several times about this every situation or rather loss of energy-electricity. Lots of symbolic meanings in there.

It was also funny that about 6 or 7 things happened right after the New Year as I went deeper into meditating and observing my own state of Being. I even heard myself mistakenly think, “Oh this could be a problem.” Guess things needed to be cleared to begin a new year. Only by that deep listening of winter’s strength did it become very clear what I was projecting into consciousness that so quickly took various forms. And just that quickly, I was able to change directions – Know the Truth and recreate the out-picturing of my consciousness.
I don’t need to go into details, but let’s just say that little thoughts, little seemingly innocent ones, can snowball into an avalanche. It’s the little thoughts that catch hold to roll along with a life of their own.
If you are mindful of yourself, you will hear yourself process a thought, in a split second you can check it’s source, be guided into realignment, and flow with spirit.

What I know for sure is that I Am guided, I am, as you are, always connected to Divine Source, God. Always. In your own consciousness you will be guided even in the small things of daily living. Listen and you will hear the Voice. But if you do not listen and do not act from your own Higher awareness, you do not keep the pathways open and flowing. First bumps appear in the path, then holes to fall in, but have no fear, because we can trust completely that our Christ Consciousness will and does lead us. It is now time for us to rise to the calling and follow our highest inspiration.

Thus let us begin anew to Be All that We Are in form in this lifetime. It’s why we are here, to live fully our ascension consciousness – very minute of every day.
This is the everlasting moment of the One Body of Christ alive in the One Body of this heavenly Earth.
We are One.




Below is a message from Starcke from his files of daily messages that I was guided to share for the New Year:



Picture yourself…by Walter Starcke

A thousand people may say they know you, but each has a different picture of who you are, some similar but all different. What picture do you have of yourself? Its almost impossible for any of us to really know how we look to others. However, we can paint a mental picture of who we are or at least how we look to the world.
The way we can picture ourselves is to stand aside as though we were someone else viewing our lives. Physicists and mystics say that everything in our lives is consciousness manifesting in form; therefore, what we have in our lives is a picturing of our consciousness. If conditions were not an out-picturing of our consciousness they would not exist in our lives; so take a look.
Look at your health, at your wealth, at your living conditions. Look at the friends and loved ones you have in your lives. Look at your accomplishments, at your repetutation, at your standing in the community. Look at your home, your auto, your possessions. In other words take a look at your life and all that is in it. That is a portrait of your consciousness.
What do we gain by this exercise? We may find that we are pretty special because we have so much to be grateful for, or we may look at things that we would like to change. Either way we will observe what we wish to continue and what ever we wish to change. Then the things we want to change are a matter of changing the consciousness that has created them and is maintaining them. We can do that. It may take time and repetition to recondition our subconscious so that it manifests in form eventually, but if we repeat the positive, repeat the belief that what ever it is can be and is being changed it will change and we have altered our portrait.
Ultimately we are made in the image of God and God is prosperity, well- being, and full of love. That is who we are.

Thus for 2015, picture yourself as your Divine Humanity in full form, Arise & Shine!


Across the desk of Eron Starcke

I have been busy creating a new website that I can manage and keep up regularly. There is also now a Face Book page for The Starcke Center for the Advancement of Mystical Consciousness. Please “like” us!
THE DAILY VOICE will no longer be posted on Face Book, but will be available on the website. I do regularly post insights and Starcke material on Face Book, but not overwhelmingly. I do not post family photos even of my cute dogs or other personal life info, so you won’t have to wade through any of that.

We will post inspirational material, articles, and info about new events on the website. If it doesn’t come up as a new site, put in the and or refresh your browser. Newsletters are posted there. We do want to stay in touch with you. Share what’s going on in your awakening consciousness, we are all One. Feel free to register and contact us. The Starcke Center will not share your e-mail address. The new revised It’s All God Study Guide is on the website.

I have started editing Walter’s old cassette tapes and putting them into digital formats that can be used in these up-dated times. While doing so, I have realized even more how amazing Starcke was at expressing his insights on Truth and sharing them. Listening to the series of “Intensives” I remember he used no real notes, maybe only a topic list when he talked. Instead he heard the messages and would stop to meditate if the flow slowed, then picked it right up again. Amazing. The gathering of energy and up-lifting consciousness at the Intensives helped bring through clear material that needs to be shared widely. If you where there, I’m sure you remember.
I thought I understood his messages back then, but now they resonate within. There is a deeper Knowing that grows within us.

We will be offering the new audio files online to download through the Shop. I’ll be expanding the offerings and out reach as well. They have been enhanced and the background noise removed as much as possible. I apologize to those of you who listened to the old tapes.
I’m also looking through videos to be able to offer these as well.

The BIG NEWS is that it has become clear that I need to do a new book of Starcke material. While listening to these tapes and rereading volumes of messages, I have realized there is a lot of yet unpublished material. Starcke did realize there were stumbling blocks that one might encounter along the path of awakening consciousness and many articles address these. Some of these he tried to cover in later books, but more clarification and clear wording in a step-by-step manor would be helpful to many. And interestingly, most of his books ad a twist or them ran as a thread throughout the book that sometimes made them harder to read. The new book will be as clear as possible, to the point, and easy to follow.

I’d love to have your ideas of topic points and/or questions to discuss or make clear.
I have volumes of Daily Messages to draw from. Plus I have the growing perceptive and perception of years of living the process to add. And I know many of you do as well. I’d love to share our growing insights, feel free to contact me, e–mail is the best:

Message from the Sedona Starcke Center

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