Our Current Crisis of Consciousness

Here we are again sharing a crisis of consciousness.  As never before we instantly see how connected we are to everyone in the world.  Our individual well-being depends on everyone else’s well-being, without any exceptions. How we act and react to terror helps to escalate or dissolve the fear. The goal of Isis is to divide and separate into two extreme sides that hate each other. This goal is the total opposite from that of Spiritual Oneness. As we endeavor to sow Love, they sow discord.

One of the unfortunate results is increased fear and hatred against all Muslims. This then feeds the fire of “us and them”. Their actions create a backlash of alienation that can easily drive marginalized Muslims into the fervor of  extremism.  This Isis has stated clearly in the February issue of its magazine Dabiq, writing about the progress it has made in polarizing the world. ISIS said it would achieve this by carrying out savage attacks that would “further bring division to the world and destroy the grayzone everywhere.”

Our goal has to be to overcome this divisive fear. I’m not going to tell you to love them.  I AM going to tell you to BE LOVE.  This manifests as realizing our global Oneness as well as our individual Oneness. We are all human and like it or not human consciousness has given rise to terrorism. The question is are you fueling that fire or lighting a candle of inner peace?  Are you buying guns or flowers?

You are fueling the fire if you think we are now in a Holy War.  War separates, thus is not Holy. You are fueling the fire if you can not see the larger subjective picture — that this is a cry for help from deep within the human core. You are fueling the fire if you exclude others different from your comfort zone from the whole and from your aid and love.  Truth does not exclude.

Perhaps it is a daunting task to make any in roads with terrorists, as their minds are blocked. But they are only a few in actual number.  The amazing action of consciousness is that as you think and act, you personally send out zillions of vibrations.  These touch your family, your neighbors, and ultimately everyone. The simple Truth here is that if you create more fear you add to the goal of terrorism.

Therefore, have the consciousness of Truth.  Know, I AM THAT IAM. Yea, tho I walk in shadow of death, I will fear no evil. I AM only Light.


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