Prayer Ministry


We must always remember that our two selves are one Self which is seen from different dimensions, from the so-called fourth dimension of Spirit and the third-dimension of physical level of effects. (Starcke, It’s All God)

The Key we will find helpful here is that in Truth there is only one Self, so that we are always connected to, communicating with, and transparent to our Divine Self. In Starcke’s words, “That means you are never alone and are never deprived of divine help and divine intelligence. You can be in Hell but you are not separated from God because your Higher Consciousness is within you no matter where you go.”

We are with you, One with you.
ALL That I AM is Divine.
All that God is I AM.
I AM the Divine Process of my awakening Christ Mind.
I AM constantly guided to ever more harmonious and joyful opportunities.
My world is transformed,
as I see with the eyes of God,
as I listen to all as One voice,
as I give of my radiant Divine Heart unconditionally.
I live as the Power, Presence, and Intelligence of Spirit,
Thus all I create is resurrected to New Life.
I AM that I Am.
I Am Love, Light, Joy, and Harmony flowing in and out.
I Am My Self!


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