Healing Treatment

All Healing Treatment (Healing Prayer) has to do with right identification, right Consciousness.
We can put our attention on something that doesn’t exist and it will seem real to us in experience.
So, we are in the business of redeeming human thought and mis-identification.

Mystical Consciousness is the Realization of the Truth, of God, as All Identity.
We must perceive the Truth operating through everyone, every living being.
It is necessary to see God in Mankind for people around us are born in the same Mind and Love of God we Are.
Our knowledge and feeling of this will keep us free from any negation or false belief that comes to us.

Because God is Omnipresence as Life, Love and Wisdom,
We see these Spiritual Qualities animating and being the Life of everything.
Every individual in every world is a creative expression of Divine Love.
They offer only that which is God, Creative and True.

I am established and live in the perfect Universal Mind
in where All is Order, Peace and Right Action.

God is the eternal peace, and condition of all Souls,
I see this within myself and I see this same peace within and as all beings.
I see God within, through and around me, God within, through, and around everything I meet this day.
And when we are conscious in God, It Is God conscious of Itself as us.

God is here, as the Living Truth, awakening All.

Rev. Joey & Rev.


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