Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Is the possibility of having a purely spiritual healing superstition? No!

Can someone’s prayers or treatment play a part in the healing of others? Yes!

Then what’s the principle behind it? Why does it succeed sometimes and not at others? When it does, what makes it happen? Sensible questions.

Yes, there is such a thing as spiritual healing; there have been too many examples of healings that have taken place spontaneously without any medical intervention for the possibility to be dismissed.

First of all, there are three different healing modalities. One is the healing that modern medical science produces; another is mind over matter where the power of thought has an effect on healing, and the other is spiritual hands off healing. The later is a matter of experienced perceptions. To the degree that someone can perceive of and experience a different reality, appearances have changed or been healed.

In spiritual healing there are three aspects that need to be considered. From the healer’s standpoint, the only person anyone ever really heals is one’s own self. Healers heal their own consciousness of the belief that a healing is necessary. To change our reality, we have to change our concepts that govern all our perceptions. When a healer is presented with the appearance of a lack or need, to the degree that the healer conceives of and experiences a different reality than the one presented to them, healing takes place. When the healer envisions and personally experiences Divine Perfection in place of a negative appearance, a physical law of transformation is set in motion. This is the mystical experience often experienced by our original metaphysical healers, such as Mary Baker Eddy. It cannot be experienced or taught objectively, as illustrated by the dwindling number of healings from teacher to students.

Today quantum physicists state that something has to be observed in order for it to exist. By realizing this they are affirming the ancient Hindu claim that our physical senses lie – what they portray is not reality. A true spiritual healer has the ability to dismiss a claim of separation from God, or the presence of disharmony, and can replace them by consciously experiencing the Truth of Being. Then a spiritual healing takes place due to the healers mystical Truth realized. A healer’s success quotient depends not on his or her power of faith, but of Knowing. This Knowing is the ability to dissolve the illusion by “seeing” and “experiencing” another reality.

The Key is first and foremost that a healer’s “Knowing” refuses to conceive of a power apart from God, thus they heal themselves of the lie of limitation. Many have asked how this works. Is it a Pollyanna view of appearances or a true seeing beyond appearances? True healers have a Double Thread ability to know with the fullness of their awakened Consciousness that we are all made in the perfect image of God and feel the Presence of the Glory of Natural Order. This Presence is the Power of the Holy Spirit to not only activate Natural Order but to restore it.

It is the mystical experience of Knowing that it’s all God in which the healing takes place.

From the standpoint of those who have asked for healings, when they have reached out to a healer for help they are consciously or subconsciously trying to connect with the highest healing consciousness they know of. To the degree that they have faith in the healer’s consciousness to change their concept of illness or lack, they can help bring it about. When Jesus said, “Your faith hath made you whole,” he was saying that one’s own reaching out to the consciousness of the Christ is what did the healing. The reaching out was the Holy Energy of Knowing in action. We need those enlightened souls walking around to reach out to, but it is our own recognition of that healing consciousness they exemplify that does the work.

Several co-creative elements take place when a healer and the one who asks for a healing interact with each other. First the healer envisions a restoration of Natural Order and that vision becomes a reality to the healer. But secondly, unless the one who has asked for a healing is willing and able to let go of his or her image of illness, the chances of a healing becoming more than a temporary reality for them is slim. The circle is not complete.

If one is to be permanently healed, that person has to have a transformation of consciousness through his healing experience in which he sees how consciousness affects appearances. Further, they must experience at least to some degree, their own Divine Oneness. This may come as a brief insight or an experience of their Oneness with God, or an uplifting of their consciousness to alignment with their own Higher Consciousness, which is their own Christ Consciousness. Then they are able to create his or her life from their Higher Consciousness.

If the principle has not been learned, other problems will manifest, because the same consciousness is still creating the individuals manifest life.

Simply put the principle is:

We are made in the image of God and as God (consciousness) is the creator, we are primarily the creator of our physical bodies and all that appears in our lives. That which we create is not primarily who we are, but rather it is that which we have created. In this respect our bodies are not us; they are the product of our creative energy. Our bodies, our health, our well-being is the manifesting of our consciousness. When our consciousness recognizes it’s Divine Conscoiusness and lives from It’s perpective of natural harmaony, ones life flows toward the highest manifestation possible within the infinite field.

Lastly, there is a Catch-22 in asking a healer to heal a third party who hasn’t themselves asked for it. That is because the direct link in consciousness between the healer and the one to be healed is an integral part of the healing process. Therefore, when someone asks a healer to pray for another person who has not personally reached out to him or her, the best they can do is to heal the person who has asked for help of their belief in a power apart from God. If their consciousness is healed, that, in turn, makes it possible for them to change their perception and help others to do the same. Then if a healing has taken place, that person will have found the healing consciousness that he or she can learn from, and the experience of illness or lack will not have been wasted.

The purpose of spiritual healing is to make all those who are involved become fully Conscious Beings. It is not to change an objective condition, but rather to reveal the miracle that all is Consciousness. All true spiritual teachers are thus healers.

Spiritual healing never deals with appearances as such. All appearances are an out-picturing of the consciousness that created them. We all want healings to totally heal the body, the nation, and the earth. This will not happen until we live as the Divine Humans that we are. Until then we cannot judge where another is on their path or in what from a healing may take in their life. As hard a pill as it is to swallow, a person’s life path maybe to pass through disorder into another life, even through death of the current body. True healers Know there is no death, there is only Eternal Life.

This is where a divine paradox enters the picture. When those who ask for healing realize that what they desire is not an objective change but rather that what they want is a subjective change in consciousness, then the Holy Spirit enters the scene, and appearances do change.

Again, we cannot judge the form these appearances take, but must see past them to the Divine Self that is present.

God appears at all levels, and the realization that it is all God should be expressed at all levels. The Holy Spirit is indeed an energy that makes things whole. It is just what the word says – Spirit. When Jesus said, “Your faith hath made you whole,” he was saying that faith is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Spirit of Faith transforms the concept of fear into the realization of God’s omnipotence. Faith then becomes the mystical experience of Oneness that It’s all God.

Walter Starcke

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