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Study Guide for
It’s All God by Walter Starcke

Study Guide by the Starcke Center, Eron Starcke, Rev. Joey Gorka, and Rev. Laurel Larson

Session One


Christ consciousness continues to evolve as us, steadily building awareness, then breaking forth into conscious experience revealing the divine human that we are.

Realize this Double Thread aspect, “It is possible for the man of earth aspect of my being and my man of God potential to finally communicate with each other and truly function as one…just as it is possible now for you to move into greater spiritual awareness and experience your own Divine Humanity.” WS

We are treating this Introduction as a Class session, because it lays out the foundational consciousness of this course.


The Myth

Our Judeo-Christian myth is the “Word” made flesh. It is God consciousness speaking to creation over and over again in many voices and parables. The “Word” of God is a living source of continual guideposts to our growing awareness of Christ consciousness. Our Judeo-Christian Scripture contains the depth and breadth of a living God. As divine individuals in the process of becoming all we are created to be, our Scriptures can show us the way. If we free them from outmoded traditional belief systems, Judeo-Christian Scriptures can lead us into the divine experience that lies within the sacred text.

Judeo-Christian myths have the power to transform our lives. “We have barely touched the edge of the mystery they contain…and are just now—finally—beginning to evolve into the consciousness they were intended to create.”

It is time to claim your true power and Be ALL you ARE MEANT TO BE!


What does Starcke mean by Judeo-Christian myth?
List examples of old outdated theology?

My Personal Parable — The Double Thread

In researching IT’S ALL GOD and in the continual flow of Spirit afterward, it has become ever more evident that Jesus knew full well what he was doing by speaking in parables. He knew that every experience has within it a potential spark that can awaken and encourage our developing consciousness. Both the oral and written tradition of Jewish Scripture was meant to be received and studied on many levels. Many scholars from different perspectives believe Jesus undoubtedly studied the deeper mysteries hidden within his own Jewish tradition. Throughout Jewish history, stories carried the truth to the people over and over again. Scared texts were encoded with levels of truth to be discovered by the seeker on a journey that traveled beyond the veil and remains alive and boundless even today.

Likewise, today many scholars acknowledge similarities between the inclusive, universal truths within the teachings of the Buddha and within Jesus’ own teachings. For centuries before and during Jesus’ lifetime, Buddhist monks were sent as missionaries throughout the Middle East to share the mystical experience of truth. They taught openly in parables to enable the individual to relate their own lives with the stories that carried divine truth beyond boundaries and social barriers. In fact, some 100 parables of Jesus are undeniably similar to parables from ancient texts of the Buddha. There are many books on this subject; we list several at the end of the Study Guide.

By using parables to plant multi-level seeds of truth, subtle subjective ideas could be studied and grow into personal realization over time. As Starcke points out, whether the stories of the Scripture are literally true or not, “they have the power to transform lives.” Parables allow the student to receive the message on his own level, while the seed of truth rests within the unconscious waiting for them to grow it into conscious awareness. “The Word” is alive; it is a process that continues to live throughout the multi-layers of the Judeo-Christian. The “Word” of God is alive as much today as thousands of years ago, because it is not held captive by objective details; rather it flows freely in the subjective nature of consciousness.

The meaning of Starcke’s personal parable “The Double Thread”:

“It is not either/or. We are both man and woman of earth and man and woman of God. The Double Thread is how we get the two selves to communicate with each other and become one.”

To be honest we must all share our humanity and our divinity, the shadows and the light. We are defined by all that is both within and beyond the edges of our limited human boundary. We must now expand our awareness of ourselves to include the boundless.

“Lay hold on me fully both by the within and the without. Grant that I may never break this double thread.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardi

The PARAMOUNT SECRET IN the Christian message

  • “By offering us two commandments instead of just one, Jesus was telling us that at this third-dimensional level of time and space, it is necessary to accept, work with, and even love an ‘apparent’ duality in order for us to achieve a transcendent non-duality.” (Text page 6)
  • By reconciling the commandment to love God with the commandment to love one’s neighbor as one’s self, Jesus gave us the secret to both knowing it is all God and living as self-empowered spiritual beings.

The Two Commandments

  • The first commandment to love God is subjective; it is to love “cause,” the source.
  • The second commandment is to love neighbor, or objective effect. When our subjective Spirit becomes realized, it is projected objectively as the life we live.

The Subjective is one’s perceptions, feelings, internal

The Objective is concepts, something that is externalized

THE SECRET: To discover that we are divinely human and to empower our lives with the living Word of God—we must love God as both the subjective nature of all life and the objective projections of this true subjective, divine nature.


A note from Walter:

No matter how much we have had revealed to us there is always more to come. For so many years I have based everything on the belief that Jesus gave us two commandments, but now I see that I was wrong. Jesus only gave us one commandment—LOVE. However, because he came to show us that God or love appeared both objectively and subjectively, that we have to love God both subjectively and objectively, there were two parts to his one commandment. As God is One, the law of love is the only law in our lives, and we fulfill it when we love both the creator and the creation.

The secret to self-actualization:

  • Realizing that cause becomes visible as effect
  • All objective effects are projections of the invisible subjective Word, or thought. Thus your life, like Starcke’s, is made up of two strands that are one and the same. Nothing is “either/or, nothing is either subjective or objective…”


Describe the two strands to our nature—the subjective spiritual and the objective physical.
How have these two natures seemed at times conflicting, causing confusion and discomfort?
Describe the double nature of knowing It’s all God?

Meditate on:

“There is not a spiritual universe and a material world, but rather that what appears as our world is the world made flesh, Spirit made visible, or Consciousness expressed as idea.” Joel Goldsmith

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