Session Eight

Session Eight

Chapter Seven


Spiritual androgyny symbolizes:

  • The all-inclusiveness of God, in whose image we were created
  • The level beyond either/or when one is reborn into Christ consciousness
  • The inclusiveness of our innocent male/female souls
  • The soul experience of experiencing itself everywhere, without form or gender
  • Going beyond all judgments

Spiritual androgyny is beyond the physical experiences of gender or sexuality. It is the mystical experience of transcending anything that divides or limits.


  • How is double-thinking the key to realizing spiritual androgyny?
  • Why is it so necessary to experience spiritual androgyny before one can experience universal love?
  • What does the following mean to you:

Androgyny is the mystical marriage where the universe is integrated within the individual. Androgynous consciousness frees one to marry the universe in total aloneness, all-one-ness.

Meditate on:

  • I see myself in everyone—both male and female
  • I am in Love with the universe

The Science of Complements

Everything at the finite level needs a complement to complete it. It is vital that we combine objective and subjective approaches to experience ascension or Christ consciousness.

A note from Walter:

There is nothing at the personal level of the finite world that exists by itself. We have been so indoctrinated to believe that absolutes exist or are possible that we immediately overlook what is needed to accomplish our goals. The cake won’t rise without its baking powder. The baking powder seems like a small thing in a pound of cake mix, but without its complementary power the cake won’t rise.

In other words, we often live in a world of half-truths, and without both halves we fail. For instance, we have all heard the scripture, “Know the truth and the truth will make you free,” but we have overlooked its complement. The verse that precedes our need to know the truth is “If ye continue in my word….ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free. In other words, the truth won’t do anything if it isn’t complemented by the living of it. By the same token, living without truth does not work as well. So stop and think where you have or have not complemented your life. Think of all the things you desire to come about and then ask yourself what complement is needed to make it happen.

The science of complements:

  • Includes both subjective Love of God and objective love of neighbor
  • The secret is complementing desire with right action
  • When complements are included, duality ceases to exist


  • Why does everything on the third-dimensional level need something else to make it work?
  • What examples of “half-truths” do you see in your life?

Meditate on:

  • A mission statement for your life, and be sure to include complements
  • The complements needed to accomplish your goals

The Obscenity of Absolutes


  • Only exist on the level of spiritual reality
  • Do not exist at the 3rd dimensional level of this world
  • Lay traps for us if we believe they are possible on the personal, human level
  • Create guilt when we fail to achieve perfection
  • Only see the subjective side, without including one’s imperfect humanity
  • Eliminate alternatives, thus mean the opposite of the Latin root, to free
  • Defeat us by implying either/or

The divine paradox of the double thread:

  • That absolutes do not manifest at the personal level, but because they do exist at the spiritual level, there is no ultimate duality

· Double-thinking:

  • Objectively, absolutes will not always appear in one’s life
  • Subjectively, it is all God and I am that allness
  • We arrive at ascension consciousness through double-thinking

The paradox resolved: IT’S ALL GOD

  • Includes the nature of God and the nature of error (personal sense)
  • Includes every dimension, idea, subjective, objective, within and without
  • ALL


  • What does one have to do to be an effective healer?
  • What inclusive complements would you add to the absolutes of your belief?

Meditate on:

  • How Jesus was perfect, but not flawless

The Limits of Law

The two commandments Jesus gave us:

To live by Grace rather than law

· Incorporate alternatives rather than absolutes

· Love and Action are complementary

· Will fulfill the intentions of law subjectively

Paul, however, gave us absolute laws of conduct:

· Set up the possibility for sin

· Also saw that faith can make the law void


  • What did Paul mean in Romans 7:7-11?
  • Do you live by law or Grace?

The Devil And

The word “and” is the devil:

  • Anything that encourages duality or a sense of separation from God
  • Can imply either/or
  • Creates the objective universe by differentiating between things

In truth there is no “and” that can be coupled with Omnipresence, Omniscience, or Omnipotence.

· Omnipotence — only cause

· Omniscience — the all-knowing consciousness or Spirit that incubates creation

· Omnipresence — the Son or all material creation

· All are One, three “as” one, not three “in” one

When you are anchored in the Spirit of Love you can say “and” while simultaneously remembering It’s all God


  • How you really view yourself in relationship to God; is there an “and”?

Meditate on:

  • Anchoring in the Spirit of Love


When the integration of all things takes place in your mind and life, you will be able to arrive at ascension consciousness—the mind of Christ.

Integration (Inclusiveness):

  • To make whole, renew, untouched, entire
  • Is a positive approach to life that includes, not excludes
  • Does not mean balance or homogenizing different aspects of consciousness

Ken Wilber’s “what”:

· The integration of all the different schools of consciousness into a union

How to do it:

  • By experiencing our true infinite nature through meditation and prayer
  • By Consciously double-thinking, or “cluster-thinking”— seeing the whole without losing sight of any of the parts
  • By allowing Spirit to unify diversity
  • By honoring each aspect simultaneously and actively


  • Why is integration not balance?
  • Why does integration make it possible to arrive at ascension consciousness?

Meditate on:

  • Integration, the whole with all its diversity
  • Honor each aspect of life

The Principle of Priority

Where your heart, your priority, is, there is the coin of your soul.

What one’s priorities are determines success or failure. Our greatest priorities are:

  • Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind
  • Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself

If we first seek the kingdom of God, and live our subjective, spiritual principles, all that we need will be manifest.

Until we have received we have nothing to give.

· First seek God, seek guidance, seek Spirit

· When we have received of the Spirit then we can give of the Spirit

How to spiritually train or activate your life

  • Make your Spirit your first priority
  • Then live as that Spirit


  • What spirit do the fruits of your priority show?
  • How do you see yourself, first as a human being with divine potential, or first as consciousness or divine being that express as a human being?

Meditate on:

  • Seeing yourself as consciousness as your first priority

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God.”

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