Session Eleven

Session Eleven

Chapter Ten


We can be tricked by love:

· If we reject what may appear to us to be flawed

· If we do not include everything, knowing that all actions are a search for Love

· If we judge one person or condition as more lovable than another

· If we focus only on impersonal unconditional love, excluding personal love

· If we have only a surface level of love for others

A note from Walter:

An incomplete truth is a lie. All too often, inside the church and outside, unscrupulous people have only told half the truth in order to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, all of us do that when we innocently do not give a full picture. I know that everything at the 3rd dimensional level needs a complement in order not only to make it work but for it be truth-full. Most often the objective viewpoint needs to be complemented by its subjective spiritual viewpoint. I face this all the time in writing and speaking. I can’t say two things at once, and yet what I say is not fully true until I give both sides. Therefore, it is always helpful to ask yourself and feel, “Am I projecting a whole and inclusive truth or am I leaving something out that makes it truth-full.” Not only that, but when reading or studying a teaching, reject absolutes that do not include complements that keep ideas from being half-truths.

Half Truths can deceive:

· Religions, by speaking half-truths

· The Truth, if you do not live it, John 832

We have betrayed ourselves by our concept of a God separate and apart from us.

· That God betrays us because it is not all-inclusive


  • Are you tricked by love?
  • What other examples of half-truths do you see in operation in your own life?
  • How would living the whole truth change how you present yourself to others?
  • How does jealousy deny inclusive love?

Meditate on:

  • It’s All God

Beyond Faith

Faith is not something outside of us that acts upon us. Faith is what we do to move from finite limitation into infinite possibility.

Faith is:

  • “The substance of things hoped for”
  • Something we do, not something we have
  • The energy of our process of creating through perception, “seeing”
  • “Seeing” a concept into form

The spiritual law of “seek (see) ye first the kingdom of God” will assure you that your faith will create your highest good.

Going beyond faith is being faith in action.


  • What seed thoughts has your faith succeeded in bringing into form?
  • What does it mean to “wait on God”?

Meditate on:

  • “Let your heart be not troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.”

Beyond Reason — Chaos

Spirit is experiential and beyond logic

We arrive at ascension consciousness when we sense an order in chaos.

Chaos comes form the Greek meaning “empty space” as such it is neither good nor bad


  • What divine order can you see within that appears to be chaos in your life or in the larger picture around you?

Mediate on:

  • The Twenty-Third Psalm as interpreted by Starcke on page 214

Beyond Infinity — Nothingness

Entering into the silence is the state of being aware of the presence of God, yet without defining thoughts. The silence is the conscious experience of “no-thing-ness.”

No-thing-ness is:

· Going beyond the attachment of objective things

· The void, pregnant with infinite possibilities

· Something you do not think, but feel

Meditate on:

  • The silence
  • The infinite nature of Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence

Beyond Atonement


  • Objectively is considered to be a penance, a day apart when one contemplates one’s sins
  • Subjectively is when you enter your Holy of Holies
  • When you are at one with the I AM of yourself
  • When you realize your “at-one-ment”
  • When you acknowledge that sin is not a power and that you are always one with God


Meditate and celebrate:


Beyond Prayer

Note from Walter:

Ordinarily through prayer we are reaching out to some presence or power that will free us from our human limitations. It is the goal of prayer to experience communicating with divine consciousness. This experience leads us beyond the prayer of limitation into the dimension of illumination, where praying is unnecessary.

Going beyond prayer is:

  • The experience of beingness
  • It is seeing and experiencing one’s self subjectively while integrating one’s objective awareness
  • Going beyond just doing, or saying prayers
  • To “be” prayer, thus merging with the process
  • Reconciling life into a oneness where it is all God


  • Why do countless prayers not work?
  • What is the golden key the unlocks the mystery of prayer?

Meditate on:

  • Your intent, the altar upon which the Sacrament rests

Beyond Church

Closing the gap between the objective and subjective church:

· Means church will happen whenever and wherever two or more are gathered in Christ consciousness

· Means the coming together of idea and experience for the individual

· The New Church will be where the message, the person, the race, the sex, the man of earth and the man of God within each individual will be united inclusively by growing together, experiencing together, and sharing together

· The New Church is a state of consciousness wherein the Spirit of Truth takes precedence over the letter of truth


  • Why did Jesus build his Church upon the rock of Peter’s consciousness?
  • How can you participate in creating a New Church?

Meditate on:

  • There is only one, and this One includes all
  • Goldsmith’s description of the New Church on page 223

Beyond God — The Thirteenth Step

The Thirteenth Step is:

  • A step beyond being an instrument for God or of doing God’s will
  • Knowing that we are one with God right now
  • The step beyond deity, as in a God apart from ourselves
  • When God “and” is replaced by God appearing “as”
  • It’s all God

A note from Walter:

Today we walk a narrow line. Mystics have not told people to say or believe that they are God because it is so easy for us to confuse our divine inheritance with our egotistical sense of self. Now, though, through double-thinking we can be very aware of our given name, our personal physical egotistical selves, and at the same time be aware that when we are living from our higher consciousness, when we are anointed, we are all that God is. We get further by aiming at the absolute God-self than we would if we denied it, but we must simultaneously realize that while in material sense we are not at the God level.


  • What does the step beyond concepts mean to you? And why has it been called for by many masters, teachers, and sages?
  • Is your God a deity? Are you hesitant about letting go of your concept of God?

Meditate on:

  • God

Beyond Jesus

To free yourself from being frozen at the material level of existence:

· Stop seeing Jesus as a person who was born and died

· Stop seeing Jesus and ourselves as objects, but as states of consciousness

We have gone beyond where Jesus left Christ consciousness 2000 years ago. The body of Christ consciousness that manifested as Jesus is continuing in and as you.

To go beyond Jesus and do “greater works”:Love yourself completely

· Believe you are potentially as good as Jesus and the same as the Christ

· Love the “I” that We Are

· Totally accept yourself just as you are

· Know it is all God

· Know God as an experience rather than a concept

To see myself as God or Jesus while:

· I simultaneously know that God is more than I am

· I simultaneously am the observer and the observed

Double Think–Aware of two concepts of myself

  • 1. One as man of earth
  • 2. One as divine

Going beyond Jesus is:

  • To go beyond seeking an outside God
  • Going beyond believing an outside God will help you
  • No longer believing we need “God,” rather to “be” God’s presence


  • Are you ready to go beyond Jesus? If your “buttons” are pushed, explain.
  • Are you so deeply conditioned to believe that you are less than all that God is that it frightens you to even think of making yourself equal to or beyond Jesus?

Meditate on:

  • “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do.”
  • The two Jesuses and the two me’s

Beyond Self

In whatever form they appear, other entities, guides, angels, individuals, are projections of our own Oneness.

In seeking guidance:

· We are reaching beyond our limited concept of self

· The source is our own infinite God Self

· It’s all God, One Infinite Self

Meditate on

  • The source of your guidance

Beyond Purse or Scrip

A spiritual “mistake”:

· To give power to possessions by believing you have to give them away

· Or in some way to be spiritual, you most be poor and humble

· That you cannot own and enjoy material possessions and be spiritual

· Not in having or enjoying, but in depending on material possessions

The way to prove the powerlessness of possessions:

· To have them but not be affected by them one way or the other

· Possess, but do not be possessed by

To go beyond purse or scrip means:

  • Not to depend on anything other than that that is within you
  • To seek ye first the kingdom of God as the source of all

The paradox:   Release your dependency on material things and they flow to you

A note from Walter

As long as we think of ourselves objectively as a body we cannot help but think that money, health, and possessions come to us. When we finally realize that we are not bodies, but that we are consciousness with bodies and that consciousness is the word that is made flesh, then we can understand how money, health, and possessions come from us rather than to us. They come from our consciousness and appear outwardly as the things we need and desire. If we lack supply it is because we have not released the consciousness within us that allows supply to appear for our use. Instead of using our consciousness, we are used by an old belief that we have to get possessions for the fulfillment of our needs. When we believe that our money comes from our pay checks we miss the point. Our consciousness has brought us to our job, and our pay therefore comes from our consciousness.


  • How do you view the “things” of your life?
  • Describe how Spirit is not separated from material things?

Meditate on:

  • I now release the things of my life and open to the abundant flow of Spirit as my life in process

Beyond Morality

Moral laws:

· Judge objective human acts

· Are not necessary for those who do live by the Spirit of Love and Grace

· And to go beyond bad and good

· And to experience the Christ of one’s self

A new morality:

  • Is based on Spirit
  • Focuses on the way we do things, and the Spirit that flows from our actions
  • Is the freedom to do anything that does not violate the Spirit of Love

Every thought or action carries an awareness of a quality of spirit.


  • How have you been immoral Spirit-wise?
  • How would it work in your life to go beyond man made laws?
  • How can Love be your new morality?

beyond death

A belief in death shows that one:

· Is under the First Law of human nature; survival is purely physical

· Looks at life solely objectively

· Does not believe that Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection symbolized that life is eternal

To go beyond death, beyond the fear of death:

  • Believe in transmutation—change to another form
  • Let go of the fear of not changing
  • Let go of dependence and attachment to the world of form
  • Realize you are the consciousness that is expressing itself as your body
  • Being “born-again” is a misnomer because we never die


  • Do you believe in death?

Meditate on:

  • The Scripture on page 234

Beyond Love

There is no opposite to Love. God is love and God is the only cause, the only presence, and the only being. Therefore Love is the only cause, presence, and beingness.

Ascension Consciousness:

  • Knows that good and evil are illusions
  • That Love always “is”
  • Leads to going beyond “having” love, to being “Love”
  • Is being so filled with Love, that we can live in the world and not react in any way that implies God is either absent or in contest with evil
  • Is going beyond all concepts


  • Do you act on and believe that Love has no opposite?
  • What value would it be to you to go beyond love?
  • Discuss the process and results of Ascension Consciousness in the world today.

Mediate on:

  • God is Love and it’s all God—Love is all there is

Beyond Freefall

When we jump off the cliff:

· Things of the past may no longer work, such as prayers to an outside God

· We live by inner Grace in the state of ascension consciousness

· “Ye are Gods” experiencing limitless living

· In letting go we are actually free to attract to us everything we need and even desire in the kingdom

· You fall in love

Freefall is the jump off the cliff without hanging on:

· To old mental or physical concepts

· To dependence on anyone or “thing”

· To personal control of our lives

You do not need to learn more, be more, do more to experience ascension consciousness and living by Grace.

Because “My kingdom” is a different dimension, a parallel dimension, there is no need to reject or judge this world because the world is what leads you to ascension consciousness and continues to be included in the fourth dimension. This world is our school, our jumping off place.

If you surrender to Freefall and stretch out, you can be at peace.


  • Explain what Starcke means by Love being “Pentecostal”?
  • Does your life and the world show signs of being in free fall?

Meditated on:

  • Abandoning yourself to the Spirit you are
  • Abandoning yourself to the Spirit you are

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