Session Five

Session Five

Chapter Four


The only way one can experience the impersonal “I” is to experience it for oneself.

This Chapter cannot be explained. Allow your “I” to bring you to the realization of the I AM that you are this very minute. Let that I AM lead you into ascension consciousness.

A note from Walter:

In many of Joel Goldsmith’s books and tapes he advises us to search throughout our bodies to find the I of ourselves. Where is it? I say that even if we cut off our arms and legs we wouldn’t say two- thirds of me is here. We still say “I.” Say it. Close your eyes and find that I. Is it in your head? No, it is a Spirit within you. It is a sense of divine selfhood. Once you feel that “I,” dialogue with it. Deliberately talk to it. Listen for its answers. It will speak and it will become your constant companion. If you make your bed in hell, it can’t help but be there with you because it is I, the self of you. The I am that I am is not some esoteric mysticism. It is very real. It is your presence. If you exist, it exists. Feel your I as your unconditioned beingness. Feel it as the presence not only of God but of love. It is the seat of love within you, and though it is not in any one place it is in all of you.


  • Have you had even the tiniest vision of your impersonal God Self? Try to recall the feeling of this presence. If you can, put it into writing.
  • How have irritants pushed you to find your true identity?
  • What did Jesus mean when he said he was the “way, the truth, and the life?”

Meditate on:

  • I AM the way, the truth, and the life.
  • Read aloud the meditation and then absorb it into the silence of your inner being

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