Session Four

Session Four

Chapter Three


A note from Walter:

Spiritual progress or, for that matter, the meaning of life, hinges on our understanding of one word—God. However, we define God, our entire future is affected by what that word means to us consciously or unconsciously. It is at the core of not just our religious life, but our social, ethical, and daily life, as well.

The words God, Brahma, Om, or any other word that stands for divinity, represents that ultimate truth behind all that exists. Those who may reject any of the man-made words representing that infinite presence may think they are atheists, but that is only a matter of semantics. Everyone has a concept of beingness, and whatever it is, it delineates his/her life, for better or for worse. Therefore, it is vital that each of us come to terms with what God means to us.

Meditate on:

  • Your own definition of God and how this affects your life

The Nature of God and Error

The nature of error:

· Is mistaken identity

· Is a lie claiming to be truth

· Has no existence apart from that which we give it

· Is unrighteous judgment

· Is a belief in a power apart from God

The Two Gods

It is important to note that the Hebrews have many words, with subtle differences in meaning, that are used for God. However, when the Bible was translated, all the many words for, and names representing, divinity were simply called “God.”

· Jesus represented a line of Jewish mystics and mystery schools that integrated the subjective nature of God with an objective concept of God

· Jesus broadened the objective Father God image to include the transcendent, subjective nature of God that could be personally experienced by each of us

The Nature of God:


· The God who creates, sees all, and has many human traits

· A Supreme Being

· Separate from mankind


· The impersonal Word, consciousness

· Causal principle, abstract

· Spirit


  • What is the significance and implication of “two Gods”?

Meditate on:

  • GOD is not either/or, not either a Supreme Being or a divine principle of life but both at the same time.
  • Rabbi Cooper’s subjective view of the nature of God (Text page 65)



· God is not a personality

· All laws, forces, manifestations are God

· God is in everything and everything is in God

· Implies that God is the sum total of all things, and therefore is finite

God is more than the sum total of all things.


· God as both objective and subjective

· God is more than the sum total of all things

· God is infifite, and greater than the Universe, and is the Source of All

· God as simultaneously immanent and transcendent, both personal and impersonal

*Note: In saying that God is both “eminent” and transcendent, Walter meant to say “immanent” and transcendent. Eminent means noteworthy or high in rank, which of course God is, but immanent means indwelling or within. Walter meant that God is both within us and also beyond us and the sum of all parts. (Text page 68)


  • What is your view of God?

Meditate on this incredible Scripture:

  • “That they all may be one: as thou, Father; art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one even as we are one: I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one…” John 17:21-23


  • What is the significance of this Scripture and the implication for your life?

The Chameleon God

In order for us to reconcile duality and see that God is both omnipotent and that God is all, it is vitally important that we begin to understand that God takes on a different appearance at every level, or dimension, or state of consciousness. Like a chameleon, God takes on the color of (or appears as) each of those levels as we are aware of them. God is all and God is “nothing.” The multi-dimensional nature of truth gives rise to paradoxes that have intrigued the consciousness of mankind for thousands of years and throughout many cultures.

A note from Walter:

All concepts are true in the way they were conceived at the time they were conceived. Even though we may not presently agree, it helps to understand where those who proposed them were coming from. When we bump up against a negative concept it isn’t a matter of trying to eliminate it, but rather of replacing it with greater awareness. One day I was talking to the staff at my ranch and someone denounced the old cliché, “The customer is always right.” I said that naturally the customer is not always right, but that we could know what to do if we remembered that the customer is always right in his or her own mind. All concepts or premises are right from the point of view of their conception. We may not agree with them, but we must realize that there are two or more ways of looking at everything, and each is valid from the standpoint of its premise.

God is both subjective as in First Genesis and objective as in Second Genesis. God is both the creative source of all that is good, as well as a destroyer God that moves forward with evolution.

We are ready for ascension consciousness when we become aware that every experience we have in life is for the purpose of birthing our souls—that is that everything is for the purpose of our evolution into Christ consciousness. We entertain Kingdom Consciousness when we include all the faces of God and see beyond identifying both God and ourselves with either good or evil.


· Trust your highest concept of God to always move you forward

· Trust yourself by allowing yourself to embrace an all-inclusive awareness of God and all that is

The evolution of consciousness will enable you to see multi-dimensionally


  • How is the God of First Genesis not contradictory to the Lord God of Second Genesis?
  • Have you ever thought about the possibility that the Mother Kali God that is frightening to Westerners is the same all-inclusive God we love? Is your God big enough?

Meditate on:

  • Trusting the process to open your understanding of God
  • On embracing an all-inclusive awareness of God…Please note this is a very important meditation

The Metaphysical God

Like mathematics, God is impersonal principle, and we are the ones who create our lives in or out of alignment with truth. God, like mathematics, is infinitely expressed on all levels and cannot be pinpointed in a finite way. God is not “this” or “that.” God is all. God, being the first cause, is the truth than enables all things to create themselves.

· God is not to blame for our creation of sickness and suffering, for we are responsible for the manifestation of our own lives.

Yet please note, that we also are not to “blame”; for until we all have risen into Christ consciousness we create our lives in ignorance – that is, we do not act on the deep-seeded truth of our beingness, but on the responses we create from illusion.

One’s personal relationship to God is expressed in an impersonal way in the analogy of the ocean:

· The ocean is universal and all-inclusive, as God is universal and all-inclusive

· Nothing in the ocean is separate from the ocean

· Waves are the infinite movement of the ocean in individual patterns

· Drops of water, like individuals, are unique parts of the whole, but the whole is more than the sum of these parts

· To know the ocean, one must experience it

God is the only power.

· God is not a power over evil, there are not two powers

· God is omnipotent; there are not two powers

· God is both the shadow and the light

· God is the flower and the fertilizer

You and you alone can place yourself under the power of evil by:

· Believing God is a power over evil

· Accepting the fact that good and evil have any power apart from God


  • Why doesn’t God punish anyone any more than mathematics does?
  • How would you explain your personal relationship to God in an impersonal way?
  • What did Jesus mean by telling us to resist not evil?
  • Why can’t God give us something? Do you apply this truth to your daily life?

Remember, God is the subjective principle of all that is. Have this awareness and you can have it all.

· God does not withhold or give

· God is the all-inclusive Love that neither rewards nor punishes, but shines as the power in all

· Ignorance alone begets pain and suffering

· God is not a cruel God waiting for us to get the process just right

· “God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.”

We are never apart from God; we are not lost; we are not alone.

· Our oneness with God is our oneness with all spiritual being

· Our natural state is peace, joy, power, dominion, and Love


  • Why is there no God apart from man?
  • How will living these truths affect you personally?
  • What Scriptures express these truths?

Meditate on:

  • God is One
  • There is only one infinite being, one person
  • There is only one life appearing infinitely
  • There is no fear when we realize we are that One

Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence

Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent

· All require a thing to be “ent”

· Implies that some “thing” is all-present, some thing that has complete knowledge, some thing that has unlimited authority over another thing

God as omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence is an infinite, all-inclusive, and impersonal state of being, rather than a “thing” and God.


  • What are Omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence?

Meditate on:

  • How these three words for God can help us simultaneously feel our oneness with God personally and be aware of God impersonally as our own infinity?

A note from Walter:

The first thing I do when I start to meditate, particularly when I have a specific problem to deal with, is to put my personal concerns aside for a while and contemplate the impersonal nature of life, prayer, and myself until I find myself at a level where I am not thinking about my problems. I do that by taking each of the three words we have for God one at a time and imagining the unrestricted nature of each. I sort of imagine I am looking down on the world and I try to see everything in the world as one presence—omnipresence. I contemplate the all-knowingness of infinite intelligence realizing, that there cannot be anything left out of infinity and that everyone has access to it. I think of omnipresence, not as a power over anything, but as all creativity, all energy, all movement. Ah, you see, by this time I have dropped my problem for a moment and then in that centeredness, in that less agitated state, I can then allow my problem to come to mind and I will doubtless have a much more divine solution based on these three words for God.

The Ultimate God

God is Spirit. Spirit is God; Spirit defines the quality of our lives.

The simple truth of a spiritual life:

· When the Spirit in which you do something is more important to you than the results you wish to achieve, you are spiritual

· When the results are more important to you than how you go about getting them, you are material

· We alone choose the quality of Spirit we project; nothing outside of ourselves causes how we act and react

· When we “open a way out for the imprisoned splendor to escape,” Spirit energizes our lives

· The Spirit of Love that is God is the “how to” for peace and harmony

Meditate on:

  • The Scriptures beginning this section (Text page 77-78)

Tricky Spirit

In order to understand God as the Spirit of Love and as Omnipotence, we have to transcend time and space where the illusion of separation takes place.

· Evil only exists on the level of appearances in the dimension of our creations in time and space

· When we simultaneously realize there is another level at which God is the first and only cause, then appearance are healed.

· Evil, or the nature of error, is only a “no-thing-ness” claiming to be a power

· The experience of God consciousness dispels the illusions of separate appearances, revealing God, or Spirit, as the first and only cause

· It is your choice to be a victim of your own spirit of negativity, or be all that you truly are as the son of God


  • Why must we know both the Spirit of Love and the nature of error in order to speak the language of Spirit?

Meditate on:

  • I John 4:1-3, 6-8 (Text page 82)

The Language of Spirit

To hear God’s language:

· One must have recognized Spirit, that is — to perceive clearly

· One must acknowledge Spirit as cause rather than objective appearances

Yet Spirit will address all the levels of consciousness we entertain:

· Spirit is not mocked

· You will reap what you sow, Love or error

· God, Spirit, does not punish — principle fulfills itself according to the way you use it

· Whatever spirit you project will mold your life, period

The Secret to removing the veil and seeing God is:

· To know that everything is Spirit

· To know that we can live in the Spirit of Love and begin to speak the language of Love

· We can interpret the material scene in terms of what it spiritually symbolizes in the language of Spirit


  • What do the Scriptures quoted on page 84 mean to you?
  • What does it mean to you to worship God “in spirit and in truth”?

Meditate on:

  • I am Spirit

The Spiritual Universe

We live in a Spiritual universe.

· Everything we see symbolizes the consciousness, or Spirit, that created it

· Things have no existence apart from Spirit that created them, sustains, and maintains them

Understanding truth is a double thread. We can see a form, and from that we can become aware of the Spirit that it represents or we can be aware of a quality of Spirit and know what form will result from that Spirit.


· Appearances symbolize their cause in form

· The universe is created by Spirit

· All cause is Spirit

· Nothing is separate, or apart, from Spirit

Spirit just is. God just is. Consciousness just is.

· The universe is a reflection of Spirit, including what we believe to be good or bad, which, of course, is just an appearance, or belief

· We create our own universe out of the quality of Spirit we entertain

· Being one with Spirit, we have the power of Spirit within, and can direct that Spirit to manifest without physical limitation

The Paradox:

· As long as we still see good or bad, we cannot express the Spirit of Love—because that Spirit is unconditional, beyond appearances

· If we are aware of the Spirit of Love, of fulfillment, of the laws of completion and attraction, by expressing this Spirit the forms we create reflect the degree of Spirit we realize

· When we walk in Spirit as the consciousness of Spirit, the Spiritual universe, “My Kingdom,” is right here, right now

“Spirit is God and man is his image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.” Mary Baker Eddy


  • Do you see how we are not human beings?
  • Can you look at every situation that comes along and judge righteous judgment? What does this mean?
  • How have we missed the point that God, Spirit, is the only power if we judge appearances as good or bad?

Meditate on:

  • We are made in the image of God—which is Spirit.
  • How you can empower yourself to change the world.

God As Essential Being

God appears as individual being

· Individual means:

· “Individualis” — indivisible, inseparable, one with

· We are individuals, inseparable from God

· God is your individual being

Our masks are our community of attitudes and personality traits that hide our individual being, our oneness with God. This is also a paradox, because these same masks reveal God in and as our own individual being.

Our essential Self:

· Is made in the image of God

· Is hidden behind our masks

· Is pure, complete, unconditional, unmasked, individual, divine

When we experience God as individual Being:

· Our consciousness exemplifies the positive qualities of God

· We are aware of how God appears in the flesh, objectively as ourselves

· There is no separation

· Our egos are unmasked to reveal we are THAT I AM

· To experience “I” is to realize “I-ness”, One-ness


  • What does it mean to take the name of God in vain?
  • How are God, neighbor, and self-love like unto each other?
  • What did Jesus mean in John 17:18-23? (Text page 87)

Meditate on:


The Anointing

“the anointing” is:

· A state of illumination

· The state of being aware of our essential being

· The “Christing” experience of the power and presence of Spirit

· When we are “smeared upon” or enveloped by Spirit

· When we realize our oneness with and as God

· God doing things through the flesh that are beyond the limitations of the flesh alone, the way God appears on earth

· “I and my Father are one.”

· Because we can conceive of it, we can walk in it, by the Grace of God

A note from Walter:

The more I have contemplated the word “anointed,” the more life and meaning it has taken on for me. When I see it as a level of spiritual energy that one arrives at when one’s consciousness has been Christed, when it has been lifted up into the divine level of spiritual energy, the more I see the anointing as love in action. When the New Testament was recorded by the Greeks they used a Greek root word which meant the anointing or the anointed one. That word was “Christ.” Christ and the anointing are the same word, and Jesus Christ takes on a whole new meaning when we think of those two words simultaneously as being the same word. If we think of the anointed state of consciousness or vibration every time we see, think, or say the word “Christ,” we might better understand not only how remarkable the man Jesus was but that when we are in that energy level we, too, are anointed; we, too, are Christed.


  • What does the First Epistle of John 2:27-29 (Text page 91) mean to you?

Meditate on:

  • “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13

The Triune Life

A finite mind cannot define God because it cannot encompass infinity.

God is beyond our intellectual knowing, yet we can experience the glory:

· By the process of experiencing the Trinity

If seen only objectively, the Trinity is a half-truth, unless the subjective experience is also realized.

· The Subjective Trinity

· as the principle of creativity that takes place within every act

· as God, the invisible cause of all that is created

· as the Son, all material offspring or creations of God

· as the Holy Spirit, the creative energy that produces the effects

· Divine idea, through imagination and consciousness, is made flesh as human beings, and the Spirit is the Holy Energy that makes it possible

Trinity consciousness, although not called the trinity by Jesus, is the state of ascension consciousness.

The Triune Life:

· The integration of the three parts of the Trinity that brings forth a fourth presence

· God IS appearing AS that which I AM, fulfilling the two commandments

· Heals, restores, re-creates anew in the image of the anointing

· We become a new being, “born again”


  • In your own words and for you personally, what is your formula for Trinity consciousness?
  • Can you conceive of a totally different dimension of being other than the world, as we know it? What would it be like living in that kingdom as a reborn spiritual being?

Meditate on:

  • The Triune Life and the anointing as a personal experience
  • That every creation is a result of the Trinity Principle

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