Session Nine

Session Nine

Chapter Eight


All power is in the word.

Jesus spoke subjectively, while traditionalists interpreted him objectively. At times he used the subjective “I” to refer to himself, at others the objective, personal I, which was and is confusing unless one understands the spirit in which he spoke.

  • “I and my Father are one”
  • “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father”

Jesus, like you and I, can be seen by others in two ways:

  • As an objective, physical person
  • As a self-creating God-consciousness

We will be able to see the two as one in ourselves when we automatically think of ourselves as primarily spiritual beings and secondarily as physical ones.

Jesus could say both at the same time, because he knew it’s all God:

  • The physical bears witness to the Divine
  • The Divine bears witness to the physical
  • Jesus like all of us are included in Omnipresence are eternally the Sons of God


  • Describe how one limits power with speech?

Meditate on:

  • “I and my Father are one”

The Metaphysical Leap

The metaphysical leap is:

  • What happens when we shift our priorities
  • When the invisibles become as real or more so, than the visibles
  • When we experience mystical consciousness

After the leap:

  • We are simultaneously aware of our divine Self and our objective self—one unto the other
  • Unlimited alternatives are possible
  • We experience the power of consciousness to transform the visible scene
  • We can be confusing, like Jesus, in that others may not know of which we speak
  • There is no longer a singular “I”, rather “I” becomes “We”, 100% all

The Three steps to realizing ourselves:

  • First On the earth level we have our personality, the mask
  • Second that the outer human self is for use to use in the human scene. Our I invisible, Divine Self, the true self
  • Third step is that we can learn to stand aside and become aware of our Divine Selves observing our personal selves.


  • Can you stand aside and become aware of your Divine Self observing your personal sense self?

Meditate on:

  • “I can do all things through (my) Christ (consciousness) which strengthens me.”

The Explosion of Self

The splitting of the atom symbolized:

· The invisible becoming visible

· The explosion of self, the transformation of self

The Spirit in human consciousness, Jesus, split the very substance out of which all materiality is composed.


  • Jesus demonstrated that all matter was spirit, or energy, and when lifted to the speed of light, becomes light
  • Jesus raised his consciousness to the vibration of light and translated his material body into light
  • We are spiritual, energy beings manifesting as bodies


  • Jesus showed that the subjective could be demonstrated
  • He manifested a living material body from one that had been crucified
  • He showed that the objective has no power in the presence of illumined consciousness

World consciousness:

  • Is still at the level of seeing appearances first and foremost
  • Conceives through the senses
  • Believes in visible reality

Ascension consciousness:

  • Sees Spirit as primary
  • Sees form as consciousness simultaneously expressing itself as form
  • Transcends time and space
  • Ends the old belief that effects are cause
  • Knows that the power is in the consciousness that created the effect, not in the effect, or form
  • Is the secret of spiritual healing
  • when the material form is transformed by the energy of Spirit


Objective prayer petitions an outside God

Subjective prayer is a dialog with the God within


  • How can you help the growth of the new paradigm change our society?
  • How can you avoid the confusions and failure that come about by confusing the objective and the subjective?

Meditate on:

  • Ascension Consciousenss


Spirit is energy.

All that we see is spiritual

· Spirit appearing at the material level is energy

· Spirit and form are synonymous, divine/energy

· Spirit is subjective

· Energy is objective

There are no things or actions that do not represent the presence or movement of Spirit/Energy. Forms are 99% made up of pure consciousness; everything has consciousness.

· We are all made of the same ground of being, God consciousness

· We are powerhouses of pure energy


  • How can knowing we are bundles of energy help you in practical ways?
  • How do you use your powerhouse of energy to heal and transform your life and that of others?

Meditate on:

  • Spirit/Energy

The Inner Self

Our two selves are one Self seen from different dimensions:

· Fourth dimension of Spirit

· Third dimension of physical effects

· The inner and outer of the same self

God is your own Higher, or Inner Self, your evolved Self.

You are not a body, you are a Divine Process


  • Can you see the process at work in your life; how has it grown you?

Mediate on:

  • The Lord’s prayer on page 173
  • Have your outer self pray to your inner self, “Speak, Inner mind, thy servant heareth”
  • ALL THAT GOD IS I AM…and I AM so grateful

Our Divine Humanity

A note from Walter:

There is no illusion, other than the mistaken idea that there is an illusion. There is nothing that is other than God, not our humanity or our shadows, not our pains or our suffering. Our perfect identity, like heaven, exists right here, right now, even if we do not see it. When the light of Christ consciousness shines in our eyes, we will see that our humanity is our divinity—in disguise. Our humanity is our divine consciousness evolving, expanding, and experiencing itself. When we see our humanity as divine, we will have overcome the world. Overcoming our humanity does not mean it is rejected or discarded. The light of our Christ consciousness transforms it and it, too, ascends into every higher and finer level of consciousness.


  • What is the illusion?

Meditate on:

  • Your divine humanity

The Dehumanization of Jesus

The uniqueness of the Christian message is:

  • That God entered the human scene as a human being
  • That Jesus was not the only Son of God; all incarnation is of God
  • There is no duality between flesh and Spirit

A note from Walter:

Without a doubt, the greatest disservice that was done to humankind under the label of Christian living was the dehumanization of Jesus. Boy, how we missed the boat! By calling Jesus the only son, and thereby dehumanizing him, the unique and wonderful message demonstrated by the life and teachings of Jesus was lost. Well, almost lost. When, despite the Scriptures, we were told that being God he was always in control, always knew who he was, and didn’t suffer as we do, the most significant aspect of the Christ message was hidden. Jesus was both human and divine. He came to make a bridge between the spirit and the flesh.

If we had been taught that Jesus had all the problems and shortcomings that all of us have, that he stumbled, he cried, he even violated his own principles, and yet he went on to triumph, we could be encouraged in facing our own problems. If we had seen that despite all the problems we all have he found the principles or consciousness of the Christ and overcame them, then we could say, “If he did it then we can too.”

In lectures I have often said that Jesus was hungry when he came upon a fig tree that had no figs on it. Even though it was not its season to have figs, Jesus withered the poor fig tree. Then, on the same day he went into the temple and chased the money-changers out with a whip. In other words, Jesus had a bad day. It’s important to see it that way because when we have a bad day we can identify with Jesus and know that we, too, can over come, as he did.

Jesus was God appearing as a human being. Not God and man, but both.

Jesus is our example, if he can do it, we can do it!

The eschatology, “the good news” is:

  • That we are all made in the image of God
  • That life is eternal, here and now
  • That we are not limited
  • Our divinity includes our humanity


  • How did Jesus walk his talk?
  • In what ways do you identify with Jesus?

Meditate on:

  • Jesus’ humanity and our Divinity

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