Session Seven

Session Seven

Chapter Six



As hard as it may be to believe, God’s power is our power. It is the power we use every day. We have the power to image.

Nelson Mandela said, ” We do not have to fear not being powerful enough, but rather that we fear being too powerful.”

The key word in Genesis 1:26 is “image”:

· Imaging creates, initiates

· We are constantly imaging, thus constantly affecting the universe,

· The responsibility of our spiritual inheritance is awesome

· When the energy of projection is activated by imagination, forms appear in the material world

Keys to the power of imagination:

  • Concepts
  • Perception
  • Projection


  • What is the power Nelson Mandela was referring to?

Meditate on:

  • “In the beginning was the Word (imagined idea), and the Word was with God (in consciousness), and the Word was God (the creative power of all life.)

The Prison of Concepts

A note from Walter:

Again, we are prisoners of our concepts. Every concept exists and is maintained because it constitutes a self-created law. Bad concepts, good concepts, all concepts are man-made laws of belief. There is only one eternal law. That is the law of Love (God.) All other actions or laws are self-created concepts. We perceive. The quality of our perceptions form our concepts and then we live by the laws that make up the concepts we project into what we see as the reality of our lives. We do it. No one else does it. That is why I say we let ourselves become imprisoned in our concepts. We can’t get rid of them by resisting them because the energy of resistance tends to firm them up, but we can replace them by better concepts until this higher concept is the one we live by. Only at ascension do we go beyond all concepts; so let us fill our concepts of life with light and love, and that is the rose garden we will live in. All concepts are true in the way they were conceived. When we bump up against a negative concept, it isn’t a matter of trying to eliminate it but rather replacing it with greater awareness.


  • Hypnotize our thoughts via our imagination
  • Create thought grooves that automatically channel thoughts when repeated often enough
  • Though conditioned in the past, remain in the present trapped in these thought grooves
  • Can kill
  • Are experiences objectified by being turned into a thought

To change an undesirable habitual concept:

  • Replace it with a better one
  • Do not resist; resistance deepens thought grooves
  • Repeating and affirming spiritual principles creates new grooves of thought

Multi-dimensional thinking:

  • Allows us to create and re-enforce new concepts, while the old ones are still contained within our consciousness
  • Allows us to have a feel for a larger truth beyond single concepts, perhaps even the ascension state beyond all concepts, all divisions, all separations, and all judgments
  • Allows us to have concepts, without becoming prisoners of a single, limited viewpoint


  • How are you a prisoner of your concepts?

Our Conceptual Clothing

The first law of human nature is survival. We can replace its hypnotism by repeatedly creating new thought grooves that affirm the truth that we are all included in God, as God, and made in the image of God.


  • Take a moment to consider the costumes you wear and the concepts about yourself that create these outer forms. Which ones have you created intentionally?
  • How can you change concepts to change your conceptual clothing?

Meditate on:

  • Ascension consciousness and its subjective experience of freedom from concepts

Principle and Perception

Concepts and perceptions are not the same:

· Concepts are objective, in form

· Perceptions are subjective, coming before concepts

· False perceptions lead to false concepts

· If you do not believe you are made in the image of God, you will not live as the divine human that you are

· False concepts cannot be changed until one perceives differently

To change anything, we only have to change how we perceive it. The Course in Miracles, is an excellent example of a step-by-step process of changing one’s perceptions which, in turn, change not only one’s own life, but the past, present, and future as well.

Change your concept and the appearance will change.

Immaculate Conceptions come from perceptions of Love.

“Judge not that ye be not judged.”

  • We become what we judge
  • Whatever law we perceive, we dignify and empower

God’s creations are actual and not changeable

  • Behind all appearances there is an unchangeable reality
  • If a concept is changeable, it is not ultimate reality

The secret of spiritual healing is:

  • That healings are the result of altered perceptions
  • That we can act upon God’s truth rather than re-acting to changeable concepts
  • Break the concept of illness by not being locked into appearances

Double-thinking allows one the ability to see the unchangeable reality of another while dealing with the changeable self that exists in the objective world.

Living by Grace is the level of ascension consciousness, at which time one lives beyond concepts. Jesus merged with the eternal silence of Grace where all is One. The Buddha also experienced this eternal “nothingness,” the silence beyond concepts. We, too, can experience ascension consciousness.


  • How do you perceive others?
  • Are little events of the day seen as separate from your spiritual life?
  • Faith in what, makes you whole?
  • What attitudes or concepts have you personally changed that resulted in a healing or a dramatically changed situation?

Meditate on:

  • Living by Grace
  • That the Immaculate Conception is continually taking place
  • “Taking a mental bath, clean yourself of dualistic images and misguided perception, and return to the void – to the womb of creation”


Projections are:

  • What we see and are not necessarily true
  • How we energize concepts and create our own reality
  • Projected by the projector/mind onto the pure unconditioned screen that is our essential being
  • Changed by changing the projector, which is the mind

The scientific statement of being:

  • There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter
  • There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in our projections

Everything of “this world” is a projection of our consciousness.

· If you project a spiritual, subjective concept, it will appear on the screen of your life

· Whatever you project becomes your reality

· We are all projecting, thus creating this complex version of reality we call “this world”


Pray without ceasing—Constantly be mindful of your projections and the energy you put into them


  • Why is there no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter
  • How does it become easier for you to forgive others who judge you, when you no longer see through a glass darkly?
  • What notes do you have in your own scale that you see all around you?

Meditate on:

  • To manifest peace on earth, have peace within. When God consciousness is experienced and projected by us, there will be peace on earth.

Word Power

Our tongue most often betrays what we have in our hearts. If we project the language of Spirit, our words will affirm that it is all God.

We walk and talk in the Truth.


  • What is the most important “how to” advice in the New Testament?

Meditate on:

  • James 3:2-8 and James 1:26

“If we use our tongues to speak the language of love, we will no longer betray our hearts, and our words will affirm that it is all God.”

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