Session Three

Session Three
Chapter Two

When the divine process becomes a synonym for God, an evolutionary purpose behind every thought or action becomes evident.
Walter Starcke, It’s All God, page 34

The Two Commandments take us from the complexity of law to the simplicity of Grace.

Complexity: Like the wave, is infinite possibility

  • Demands the ability to assimilate the parts without losing sight of the whole of infinite complexity
  • Requires the cataloging of facts

Simplicity: Like individual particles, is needed for an individual to have the clarity to be aware of where he is and the next step to then take

  • Is unity subjectively manifest within the diversity
  • Zeros in on spiritual intent

How to transcend complexity:
Everything from the past, every teaching, and every concept is as of this moment obsolete…NOT VALUELESS—Obsolete

  • Letting go of the past frees you from frozen concepts of security
  • All of what you have learned remains of value in its place and time and are tools that have moved us forward
  • Any transformation in consciousness makes our old person obsolete and we are a new person manifested from our transformed consciousness
  • Evolution is our divine intent

A note from Walter:

Obsolescence requires double-thinking. If we hang on to old truths because they have been right about the situation in which they occurred, we may block future refinements, but at the same time discarding them is as foolish as it would be if mathematically we were to discard addition because we had graduated to geometry. The way we avoid exclusion is to be aware of at which level a truth is true, like remembering what was valuable for us to learn at each grade in school. When we graduate, all that we have learned becomes obsolete because we have gone beyond it, but nevertheless we can visit each grade that we went through and appreciate its appropriateness for that grade.


Has the feeling of security allowed you to be set in your ways? What do you have to unlock to move forward?
How have you evolved from the person you were just a few years ago?

Meditate on:

Your conscious evolution

Faithful Evolution

Evolution confirms God’s omnipotence.

Everything in life is in process—it evolves. Beings evolve. Adam may symbolize the first being with an awareness of his soul. Man evolved, he did not fall.

  • God is ultimate cause, therefore man could not have “fallen” from Grace because:
  • Man is not separate from God
  • The Word, or idea, is always with God

According to God’s plan, man is evolving from the idea or “Word” to the manifestation in form of the perfect concept of creation

  • Evolution is the process in time of the Word becoming flesh
  • To move forward as fast as possible—walk your talk
  • Allow the divine process to complete its self in you

Our collective task is to complete the manifestation of Christ consciousness in human form on earth as the living body of Christ


How does evolution confirm God’s omnipotence?

Meditate on:

“In the beginning was the Word (logos or idea) and the Word was with God, and the Word as God…and the Word was made flesh” The Gospel of John.

Evolutionary Evil

Evil is getting stuck in the belief in a secondary cause. It exists in the void that precedes fulfillment. WS

  • A spur to push us forward to perfection, at which time evil will no longer exist
  • A nothingness in the presence of experienced divinity
  • The shadow side pointing to the light

We are not asking you to accept evil as God’s presence or a presence apart from God.

· It is the shadow side of the evolutionary process that is drawing us into becoming fully conscious

· It is the symbol of the irresistible forces of cosmogenesis in its thrust to unite all into single oneness

· Like ashes left after a fire, evil is what we see after good evolves

· Without the evolution of Good we would not be aware of evil

Please read Rabbi David Cooper’s quote (text page 39)

As Chardin says, it is the “ocean that will raise you up to God.”

A note from Walter:

After the first printing of IT’S ALL GOD I started adding a sub-title, IT’S ALL GOD—the Shadows and the Light. In that way I won’t step on any toes, but I would rather use, IT’S ALL GOD—the Flowers and the Fertilizer. I don’t mean the more vulgar word but I do mean fertilizer, because our difficulties and our negative experiences do fertilize our growth.

There is no one working with this Study Guide who, looking back, will not see that the most trying experiences in that person’s life, though painful, did push him or her into growth and maturity. If we can look at those experiences as the fertilizer that has made our spiritual garden blossom, we can transmute those difficulties into glory much more readily.

The last obstacle:

  • Reconciling the flesh and spirit so that we see that it is all God

Within our Judeo-Christian myth, Jesus was the first fully evolved man. Both divinely inspired evolution and free-will combine to move us to our perfection as self-empowered spiritual beings.


How do you reconcile an omnipotent God with the presence of evil?
How do you reconcile evil and the evolution of Spirit in your life?
Can you see your obstacles as virtues moving you forward? Is it all God to you?

Meditate on:

The passages of Scripture at the beginning of Chapter Two
It’s all God, the shadows and the Light

The Evolution of Consciousness

Fully conscious individuals:

  • Do not have to do or think anything to create harmony, because their very presence is harmony
  • Contain no disharmony, because there is no longer any need for it in his or her evolution
  • Trust their own inner process to reveal how things work
  • And become consciously aware of the unity in complexity

To be fully and consistently conscious is to know:

  • Constantly who you are
  • What you can do
  • Why you are here


What do each of the above points mean to you?
Do you see how Starcke defines spiritual healing as the ability to become conscious of your real self?

Meditate on:

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”

Mystical Consciousness

Mysticism is the “belief that direct knowledge of God, of spiritual truth, of ultimate reality is attainable through intuition, insight, or illumination in a way differing from ordinary sense perception.”


  • Have experienced the Fourth Dimension, transcendent consciousness
  • Have had the experience of direct knowledge of God, of spiritual truth, insight, or illumination in a way that goes beyond our normal level of perception
  • Anyone who listens to their inner voice and speaks from Spirit is a mystic
  • Have seen into an underlying reality where their individual selves merge with infinite beingness—an experience beyond words and thoughts

· Have taught at the level, or levels, needed at the time


How are you evolving into being a mystic

Conscious Mind

As Westerners, we must understand our multi-dimensional nature and the words that define these states and stages of consciousness.


  • Is “that part of the mind, which is momentarily aware…psychologists use it to objectify observations”
  • Webster’s Dictionary points out that it relates to being aware, to knowing

Being fully conscious is being one who:

  • Is fully aware of unity in complexity
  • Fully trusts his or her own inner process
  • Is aware of the double thread approach—of one’s divine being in relationship with one’s self and others at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels, inclusively
  • Is simultaneously aware of physical appearances without losing sight of his or her spiritual significance and relationship to the whole of life, and is thus able to help others evolve in consciousness


How would having the capacity to be simultaneously aware of objective appearances, your divine significance, and your relationship to the whole, change your life?
Can you know yourself as your physical body while simultaneously realizing your divinity?

Meditate on:

Yourself as the one who is aware
The multi-dimensional nature of your being relating to the whole

Subconscious Mind


  • “Not clearly conscious but capable of being made so”
  • Contains every experience, including racial experiences
  • Our subliminal intelligence is larger and more important, than the fraction that is conscious
  • Controls normal body functions
  • Is the storehouse of feelings, judgments, intuition
  • Is the bridge between our awareness and Omniscience

To be fully conscious:

  • We bring our subconsciousness into consciousness when needed
  • We let go of Ego control when needed
  • We intuitively tune into superconsciousness


How does the Ego try to keep the intellect in control?
How is the subconsciousness a bridge between awareness and Omniscience?

Mediate on:

Your subconscious living your life



  • The total collective universal body of knowledge or truth—Omniscience
  • We are able to tap into this total consciousness at times, as Jesus did
  • Is always available, if we know how to access it through meditation or prayer
  • We must accept the reality of our connecting and inclusion in superconsciousness in order to progress to ascension consciousness

We are NOT helpless victims

The Will of God is NOT apart from that which is within us

There are NO outside influences

Heaven IS right here and right NOW

It’s all God—the flowers and the fertilizer


What did Paul mean when he said, “We have the mind of Christ?’
What does this mean to you in your daily life?

Meditate on:

I am not a victim apart from God
Nothing outside of myself influences me. I have the “mind of Christ” and can access it freely



  • We are consciousness expressed in or as bodies
  • Is our actions, our physical being, our total “persona” appearing in or as who we are
  • Is our conscious awareness, our subconsciousness, and our potential superconsciousness
  • Is “the fundamental reality, out of which space, time, matter, and energy emerge.” Peter Russell, text page 49
  • Includes the Ego and transcends Ego
  • Is potentially Christ consciousness


Do you see consciousness has to be experienced directly rather than being described intellectually?

Meditate on:

The Scriptures at the beginning of this chapter
The good news “that every one of us is consciousness; therefore, every one of us will eventually be fully conscious—fully Christed and fully reconciled.”


Reconciliation means:

  • To make enemies into friends
  • To bring differences into harmony

The Christ message is reconciliation:

  • Objectively, by bringing together two or more people—unity in diversity
  • Subjectively, by reconciling our earthly selves with our divinity
  • Of Spirit and flesh, God and man, cause and effect
  • Dispelling duality and the isolation of a personal sense of separation

Paul saw that the way to oneness is not by informing people of their faults or differences, but through showing them how their humanity is reconciled with their true divine beingness.

Until we can look right out at the world and reconcile the human or material with the spiritual or subjective and see that they are one and the same, we will never know that it is all God. Walter Starcke


What do each of the above points mean to you?
How are these two Scriptures the two parts of reconciliation?

“God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

“For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.”

How would you describe the paradox of reconciliation?

Meditate on:

“…That they may be one, even as we are one: I in them, and thou in Me, that they may be made perfect in one.”
I am you and you are me, and it’s all God

Oil and Water

Reconciliation does not mean to make two things the same. It does not mean to spiritualize humanity, nor does it mean resisting, excluding, or ignoring humanity. It simply means to recognize that all appearances share the same source.

A note from Walter:

Once more, double-thinking is a necessary attribute of honest action. Everything has to be looked at and approached from both the objective and the subjective viewpoints for us to arrive at a whole truth. Take forgiveness, for instance. Simultaneously we must spiritually release the person or situation so that we do not poison our own souls. That is spiritual forgiveness, but we must also double think, and at the personal level we must not let the other person off the hook unless the person has repented, unless that person has seen how he or she has violated the law of love; otherwise we are in danger of being enablers encouraging another to continue in his or her error. We are not being loving unless we insist on double-thinking and see the Christ of others while simultaneously not settling for less than the truth of their being. Forgiveness has two lives and we have to see and do both.

Forgiveness is:

  • Reconciling the inner being of a person with his or her mistake
  • Realizing it is ignorance that has violated principle, not one’s spiritual self
  • Not ignoring the mistake, but loving the person, knowing that they are only hypnotized by ignorance

To be reconciled, one sees past the objective act in order to spiritually harmonize appearances with the truth of one’s divine being and know it’s all God.


Why is it important not to ignore someone’s ignorance while at the same time knowing the divinity of that person’s soul?

Mediate on:

Forgiving yourself, while being aware of your mistakes and seeing yourself included in the one body of Christ


Double-thinking allows us to have the all-inclusive mind of Christ by being consciously aware of both the objective and subjective nature of things simultaneously. The inclusive wholeness of Christ consciousness does not deny or reject anything.

Until we can look right at human conditions and simultaneously be aware of what we see and the fallacy of appearances, we divide rather than reconcile. Walter Starcke

THE SECRET to double-thinking is:

  • In being 100% aware of all that is included in a thought—ascension consciousness
  • Including both subjective and objective
  • Both eminent and transcendent thoughts
  • Meaning we are both in the body in the present moment and evolving toward our divine perfection
  • Meaning that we both need to grow and are already perfect spiritual beings


What can emerge from the activity of double-thinking?
How is double-thinking is a key to reconciliation?

Ascension Consciousness — A Divine Gestalt

Behind the veil of either/or is:

  • The dimension of ascension consciousness is the fulfillment of Christ consciousness
  • The reconciliation of the subjective and objective, at which time a new self emerges
  • A divine Gestalt, where the whole is not only more than the parts, but coming together in reconciliation is more than the sum of the parts

Spiritual fulfillment cannot be attained by intensifying one’s human effort. So how do we do it if not by dedication and diligence?

  • By filling one’s self with Christ consciousness, the “Word” is made flesh
  • By letting that consciousness direct all thoughts and actions

That no man can come unto me (Christ consciousness) except it were given unto him of my Father (by the divine process of creation)

· One’s consciousness itself has to experience its own divine nature

· We can help ourselves along by preparing ourselves for the experience

· Illumination comes by Grace, so we do not have to worry whether we are doing it wrong or not. It is all part of the path. It is all God.

· By conceiving of a world beyond good or bad


Why is it necessary to double-think the duality of opposites to experience ascension consciousness
How to prepare yourself to receive the Light of Christ consciousness
Trusting that the Grace of God will lead you to what is needed for your progress into ascension consciousness

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