Session Twelve

Session Twelve

Chapter Eleven


A note from Walter:

Our understanding of the healing process has come through many transitions. There was a time when we believed that a Father God healed us, and because we believed it, it worked for us to some extent. Then we began to believe that through the Mind or the principles we could entertain in our thinking we could be healers. Finally that did not work for us anymore because we were ready to go to a higher level, a level where we fully realize that we are the presence of God. At that level we find that thinking does not heal. Who we are heals. We are God and God heals.

Remember, Jesus always said, “Your faith hath made you whole.” People reached out to who Jesus was (or is) and he didn’t do anything himself, but who he was, the presence of God, did the healing.

Ascension-consciousness healing:

  • Healing is the matter of revealing – the truth behind concepts
  • One no longer has to appear at the physical level

Ascension-consciousness is the wholeness of Christ Consciousness consciously realized.

All healings are of God and are thus spiritual.

It’s all god—medical science, the practitioner, the prayers, none more or less.

All error is impersonal:

· You have not failed if you do not always manifest harmony

· Error is due to temporally being under the influence of the collective ignorance

· There is no guilt

· Remember that even what appears to be error is but a shadow leading to the light or fertilizer for the flowering of your consciousness

Nowhere did Jesus exclude any form of healing, or anyone from the healing process.


  • What can or have you learned from experiences with the limitations of the human condition?

Meditate on:

  • “Thy faith hath made thee whole”

Before Thoughts

We do not know if we have faith until we are tested. Exercising one’s faith allows it to grow and expand infinitely.

Spiritual healing includes all approaches:

· The wonders of modern medical science

· One’s own inner guidance will reveal the way to go

· Diagnosis reveals without judgment

· Prognosis involves judgment

Remember there is no reason to feel guilty about a need for a healing.

· We are all subject to the collective flow of error, of seeming limitations, anxieties, and other human conditions

· While we are still in the body we will not completely break the law of limitation

· Our human conditions help us to grow into ascension consciousness

· The only way you lose is to waste an experience

Misguided mystics are those who deceive others in he name of God. They are not authentic because they do not share their humanity and their divinity.

Healing prayer is:

  • An appeal to one’s own divine consciousness, to one’s own individual consciousness that tends to the care of one’s body
  • The recognition of the existence of the creative consciousness of I AM
  • Removes any mental doubt or limitation that could block healing
  • By having faith in God appearing as whatever is need for a healing or whatever form a healing might come in, even the release of death


  • How have your views of healing evolved?

Meditate on:

  • The prayer on page 249

After Thoughts

No one can do it alone:

· One may need to reach out to a higher, clearer state of consciousness when one is dominated by pain and fear

· The Christ is our spiritual family

· Our spiritual family literally exists and is available

God is multi-dimensional:

· When you need help on a personal level, God will appear on that level

Jesus symbolized for Starcke:

  • 1. All that Christ stands for on a personal, accessible level
  • 2. An objective example of Spirit working that could reach right out and cut through the pain
  • 3. “The Word” made flesh, empowered by years of collective consciousness energy build-up
  • 4. Calling on the name of “Jesus” is empowered when one realizes it symbolizes the anointed Christ consciousness

Healing as a Love experience:

· A healing represents a change in consciousness that is brought about by Love

· Healing removes any concept that stands between the self and God

· Healing reveals the divine nature of the person or situation

· Healing is love expressing itself

· Wherever Love is, healing is

· Healing is not results, but love in action

· Love is the only energy capable of true healing

The How’s:

· The activity of loving brings wholeness

· Forgiving brings forth Love

· Give up the belief that there is anything other than Love present and at work

· Let go of any judgments


  • Why does Love heal?
  • Can your Love heal others?
  • What does “morphogenetic mean? What other illustrations of this process can you illustrate?

Meditate on:

  • God is Love and Love is an expression of faith

Session Twelve Part Two

Chapter Twelve


“My mother and my brethren are those which hear the word of God, and do it.”

After the talk is the walk.

To “be” included in the Christ “family” we must:

  • “Hear” the word of God
  • “Do” to our neighbors
  • Let the imprisoned splendor escape
  • Consciously act
  • Combine the Traditional approach of doing with the Gnostic ability to hear inner guidance

Understanding that it is we who must do the doing is the greatest gift:

· There is no outside God or force that will do it

· Empowers us to live the Christ message

· Frees us from being victims of circumstance

“For whosoever hath (does), to him shall be given and he shall have more abundance…” Subjectively this Scripture means:

· Those that hear and do have, those that do not have not

· Consciousness has to be acted upon

Doing can be expressed in many ways

  • 1. Entering the silence is an active experience
  • 2. True silence is unconditioned energy


We are not fully being unless we are doing. We are always creating and out-picturing our life with our consciousness. Consciousness always expresses itself in some form or another. What we must do is do the word of God.

Faith is an act of doing. One does not really have faith without actively living faith.

The world is being and doing. The world is energy actively expressing itself as form. If we want to change the form, we must live the consciousness needed to bring about the change—live the intent, and do.


  • How does everything return to either self-love or the lack of it?
  • Has your process evolved to the point where greater doing is needed? Explain
  • Why is having Faith in something not effective doing?

Meditate on:

  • “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do.”

Self Prayer

Prayer is the final part of the Trinity:

  • Prayer is the doing of God, Word, and Spirit
  • Prayer causes us to experience our humanity as our divinity
  • Reconciles and brings into focus your inherent capacity for being Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence

· Subjectively, prayer is:

1. An experience of beingness and doingness

2. A demand and end to the contradictions of duality

3. An inner expression of God being in and as that that you are

· Objectively, prayer is:

1. Something one does

2. Appling to an outside God


· As an act of living one’s faith

· When one is caught up in a third-dimensional limited sense of self and wants to realize the God/Self

To die daily means:

  • To mortify your egotistic self
  • Die to sense of duality
  • Die to seeing yourself as an ego-centered being with a life a part from your God/Self
  • To die to any thought that your life is anything other than all that God is

Self prayer is:

  • Self-realization communion
  • Loving your humanity
    • 1. As your holy temple
    • 2. As the tool for knowing your Self
  • Loving your divinity
  • Being honest about your Self, thus Being true to The Word.


  • How and why does prayer become a conversation with yourself?
  • Do you think in terms of being or becoming? In what ways?
  • How do you pray the Self prayer without confusing your humanity with your divinity?

Meditate on:

  • That which I have being seeking I already am
  • “I and my Father are one.”
  • Your own prayer of self-realization

Don’t Lose the Magic

Your Spirit self cannot be intellectualized. It can only be experienced.

“If I can experience the silence that is beyond words and thoughts, it becomes possible for me to recognize those times when I am feeling personal and in need of the healing magic of Spirit. I can reach out to God apart – apart form the ego self I am mired down in.”

The mystery:

  • The experience of the Presence of God
  • A gift of the Spirit of Grace
  • I of my own self can do nothing, yet I can do all things through Christ consciousness
  • The miraculous supernatural power of Spirit

Mystics evoke the mystery—the miracle

  • That “in my flesh I shall see God”
  • Of contacting your Higher Consciousness is just as miraculous as contacting God was in the past

How to experience the mystery:

  • Realize that the mystery exists
  • Be in awe of the jewel within
  • Realize that it is our rightful inheritance
  • Be prepared to die to your fears and personal concerns


  • What is the mystery to you?
  • Are you ready?

Meditate on:

  • Let go and feel the magic

The Circle of Christ

The Circle of Christ:

· Is transforming the world

· Is the interconnected union of all those who share Christ consciousness

· Those who are aware that separation is an illusion because there is one consciousness

· All, no matter what religion, race, …

The circle of Christ is:

  • · Every step
  • · Every experience spiraling through ascending evolution
  • · Erases time because we are always one with God, in the eternal now
  • · At-one-ment

The miracle of the completed circle:

  • When you change your viewpoint, your reality changes, and the perfection you actually are appears as greater supply, greater healing, greater harmony, and abundance of love in your life
  • Your innocence returns
  • You return to the love of your body as your soul-body


  • Describe the secret of successful prayer?

Meditate on:

  • The divine continuity of the circle of life
  • Your place in the Circle of Christ

Feed My Sheep

The commission Feed my sheep means:

· Words without action are nothing

· When you know your true spiritual identity, you will continue to teach, evolve, be involved

· Do not avoid the dark or run from difficulty

· Arise and shine

· Give of your Love

Remember you are not one segment but the whole circle.


  • What does Starcke mean by saying the sheep and the shepherd are one?
  • Why will your human responsibilities end?

Meditate on:

  • Your consciousness of Love that will feed your sheep

The Robe

Now you are robed by your higher consciousness, your God Self.

The robe is your elder’s mantle:

· The responsibility to feed the sheep

· To eliminate anything that gets in the way of your, or their, being able to live in the Spirit

· Is your higher calling

· Honor it and you honor yourself

The first response-ability in living the law of true spiritual realization is:

  • You are never dealing with anything apart from your Self
  • You are dealing with your own relationship to yourself and the robe of the healing Spirit


  • How would you live with the robe around your shoulders?

Meditate on:

  • The you that you are with the robe wrapped around you
  • It’s All God

An end note from Walter:

In concluding this study, I want to thank you for being you. I also want to thank you for being me. We are not bodies. We are what we respond to. We are consciousness, and because we respond to the same consciousness we are each other. That is what Jesus meant when he announced that his family were those who responded to the same love of God that he did. We are not physically one but we are one in our only true existence, the consciousness of God.

I, as Walter, did not write this book. Your response wrote it for you and in doing so gave life to the one consciousness we are. Because you have responded and I have responded to your response the mirage of loneliness has been taken away—we are one, and we can truly know it’s all God and I AM THAT.

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